Just an Update on All the Randomly Great Stuff I've Gotten on Amazon This Year

Best random Amazon finds



I'll admit that I place at least one Amazon order a week. It's typically the first place I look when I need something, and it's not abnormal for me to place an order that contains items as varied as light bulbs, leggings, and matcha powder. That's the beauty of Amazon. Aside from the extensive assortment, I also gravitate toward Amazon because of the abundance of reviews, which makes shopping for something random all the easier.

My Amazon orders typically consist of home items and beauty products, with some fashion items and even snacks in the mix. In case you too love Amazon's never-ending supply of random things to buy and receive one or two days later, here's a peek into my order history since January 1, 2021. Scroll to shop all the great things—some very useful, some just for fun, and all affordable, of course (yet another reason to love Amazon).

I purchased this to encourage myself to drink more water throughout the day. It's much chicer than some of the comparable motivational water bottles on the market.

I was excited to find this pretty bra on sale. Plenty of sizes are still in stock, but they probably won't be for long.

I recently got my hair highlighted, and it instantly turned to straw. This brought it back to life.

This frother is incredibly powerful—you'll be amazed.

This gel-nail light is borderline life-changing.

I made the wise decision to swap bulky glasses cases out for these when I'm on the go.

I love this matcha powder so much that I ordered the big bag.

As someone who needs to keep their hands busy at all times, I highly recommend these fidget rings.

The perfect shade of pink, if you ask me.

This legendary cream is my go-to on parched-skin days.

Your candles will last much longer with the use of one of these.

I've repurchased this brow pencil more times than I can count.

I've switched to double-walled coffee mugs, and I'm not going back.

This bodywash is supremely refreshing.

Unlike other loofahs, these never fall apart.

This heavy-duty foot cream gives noticable results.

I was very impressed by the fit of these affordable pants.

I wipe my phone down with one of these on a daily basis.

I ordered this clean, modern shoe rack for my garage.

No need to take another trip to the salon to get your gel nails removed.

The shape of the ice cubes this tray produces is excellent.