An Argument for the Return of Classic Dressing

With a new It bag or must-have jean style dropping daily, it can sometimes feel exhausting trying to keep up. If you’re anything like us, you swing between loving trends one day and pining for a timelessly chic aesthetic the next. In the latter moments, we inevitably turn to Ralph Lauren. Synonymous with crisp tailoring and that nostalgic New England sensibility, we love the feeling of (for lack of a better word) put-togetherness that washes over us the second we slip into his refined blazers and crisp button-downs.

“Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand that represents timeless style. It’s more than clothes—it’s a lifestyle,” says blogger Ann Kim. Kim, along with Marta Pozzan and Madelynn Furlong, was invited to the newly renovated Ralph Lauren flagship located on Rodeo Drive to style pieces from the designer’s Icon Collection. Naturally, our very own co-founder Hillary Kerr was among the fashion glitterati. Curious to see what we mean? Today we’re showing you how these four stylish women dress for the classic look.

Looking for more classic pieces to add to your wardrobe? Head to Ralph Lauren to see and shop spring-ready picks.