This Brand Is Every Celebrity's Secret for Wardrobe Basics

I won't lie—when it comes to wardrobe basics like T-shirts, button-downs, and crew neck sweaters, I don't have it all figured out. Sure, I have one or maybe two tees that I wear on repeat, but what makes up the rest of my closet are more stylized trend pieces that feel pretty tied to each season. I've always been envious of those people who've nailed quality style staples because of how easily they're able to appear put-together no matter what, which is something my trend-heavy closet doesn't always allow me to do. So I set out to find a brand that made the staples my closet was missing. I wanted to invest in quality, well-made pieces that would last a while.

While I was on the hunt for a brand I could rely on, I took this simple advice to heart: Find stylish celebrities whose overall style speaks to you and shop the pieces you've seen them wear. Easy enough, right? A little research later and I discovered Rails. The L.A.-based clothing brand is probably one you've heard of before; its incredibly soft plaid shirts are what its known for. But it turns out that the celeb-adored brand also supplies a heavy dose of laid-back staples—beyond plaid shirts—that I'm convinced not enough people know about.

Don't just let me try to prove why you need pieces from Rails in your life—see how celebrities from Alessandra Ambrosio to Pippa Middleton are styling the brand, and then shop their outfits along with our own Rails picks.

Now you're in on Hollywood's secret to the best wardrobe basics.