I'd Like to Chat More About This Popular Winter Trend

There are certain trends that just get me. You know—those looks that are unique, cool, statement-making, and forward all wrapped into one. Currently, it's all about the purple winter coat. Yes, the pretty hue cropped up throughout 2018 as an It color on everything from tops to bags to shoes, but it's the bold outerwear selects that are poppin' right now.

While there's a slew of eye-catching toppers out there in the universe, purple coats are in a league all their own in my eyes. Think about it. Not only is the trend inherently statement-making (you can wear legit anything underneath and still look fly), but it also feels a bit unexpected and therefore forward in comparison to other colorful coats. Well, the fashion crowd is clearly on the same page, posting a range of lavender and vibrant purple puffers, topcoats, and furry situations all over their IG feeds. Keep scrolling to check out my favorite looks of the moment, plus shop inspired styles if you're looking to pop that purple this winter. I know I'm going to…

Really want to go for it? Try an all-purple outfit, featuring a stylish puffer.

There's not much to say here. This luscious purple faux-fur coat is just heaven—especially paired with yellow boots.

The fashion crowd can't get enough of the gorgeous coats from Saks Potts—most notably the lavender ones.

I'm so into the idea of coordinating your coat with a dress for a sophisticated look.

Seriously, an all-purple ensemble is just where it's at this winter.