Next Year I Want to Wear More Pretty Things—29 Pieces in My Cart

At the end of a really great year for fashion, I always like to look back at the runway moments that truly caught my eye. As I recall some of the greatest moments at shows like Prada, Mirror Palais, and 16Arlington, a common theme comes to mind. All of these brands showcased a lot of pretty details like embellished florals and lacy seams, all topped off with ribbons and bows. The ultra-pretty vibe is drawing people in like moths to a flame, and I'm most certainly one of them. 

As I finish up my holiday shopping and get back to some well-deserved "me" time, those gift cards I got under the tree will certainly be put to good use with my latest sightings across the web. Below, find 29 pretty things I have my eyes on rn.

I can't believe that a sweater this good is under $50.

Who says winter accessories can't be pretty?

There are so many ways to wear this.

I've been dreaming about this ever since I first saw it.

All you need to wear is a black turtleneck and these earrings.

This is your sign to play into monochrome.

Another item that's been living on my wishlist.

The kind of house slippers you can wear outdoors.

Feather weather? Can we make that a thing.

Lace is most definitely my vibe.

Everyone will be asking you where you got these.