Next Year I Want to Wear More Pretty Things—29 Pieces in My Cart


(Image credit: @theaudreypeters)

At the end of a really great year for fashion, I always like to look back at the runway moments that truly caught my eye. As I recall some of the greatest moments at shows like Prada, Mirror Palais, and 16Arlington, a common theme comes to mind. All of these brands showcased a lot of pretty details like embellished florals and lacy seams, all topped off with ribbons and bows. The ultra-pretty vibe is drawing people in like moths to a flame, and I'm most certainly one of them. 

As I finish up my holiday shopping and get back to some well-deserved "me" time, those gift cards I got under the tree will certainly be put to good use with my latest sightings across the web. Below, find 29 pretty things I have my eyes on rn.

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