7 Perfect Fall Items I'm Buying Because a French Woman Told Me To

Sometimes, you really just need someone to tell you what to buy and why. While yes, I am a fashion editor, I too need inspiration and crave fresh conversations with other stylish women to help me navigate my next purchases. One of my most recent follows on Instagram is French fashion girl, Najma Ahmed. I admire her style for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons I look to her for sartorial inspiration is due to her ability to style more basic pieces in a way that makes them look insanely chic and exciting. 

Curious to pick the brain of the girl who has yet to create an outfit I don't immediately want to go recreate, I reached out to Najma to ask her all about the fall items I should be buying this season. Her responses were somehow spot-on with both current trends and timeless basics. Including leather blazers, everyday jewelry, and the handbag shape every fashion girl loves donning on Instagram, get ready to scroll through one of the most practical and stylish fall shopping stories I've read this season (if I do say so myself) à la Najma. Read her quotes, shop her picks, and get ready for a new French-girl-approved fall wardrobe.  

1. Leather Blazer

"A good blazer will make you look like the most sophisticated person in the room and it goes with everything." 

2. Darker Wash Jeans

"For Parisians, jeans mean anytime and anywhere possibles. And you can’t go wrong with a straight-cut pair!"

3. Classic Trench Coat

"A trench coat really elevates any look. You can be wearing the most basic outfit and throw on a classic beige trench coat and instantly look chic!" 

4. Baguette Bag

"This is one of my favorite go-to bags. It sits so comfortably under your arm and holds more than you think it would which makes it’ absolutely perfect!" 

5. Cashmere Sweater

"It’s all about the classics for me so a good warm cashmere sweater for those chilly fall days is a must. It’s also very good for layering under a big coat."

6. Black Chunky Boots

"I love a good chunky boot. It doesn't matter if they are low top or high tops—these boots are both cute and comfortable."  

7. Everyday Jewelry

"I can't leave the house without my everyday jewelry so this is really is a must-have for me. Jewelry makes your outfit look 100% complete."