I'm a Handbag Expert—These Styles Are Popular and Very Chic

I'm a Handbag Expert—These Styles Are Popular and Very Chic



I’m such a bag person. In the accessories realm, that ideal handbag reigns supreme for me because it has the power to take any look to the next level. So naturally, I get particularly thrilled when I have the opportunity to chat with another handbag lover. And yep, I actually just sat down with a legit expert in the field—Kimberly Bickle, site merchandising manager at resale mecca, Fashionphile.

It’s her job to stay up on the latest handbag trends and she’s also at the pulse of seeing what silhouettes customers are gravitating toward the most. On that note, she actually shared with me a few of the key designer styles that are most popular now and those that will hold value for years to come from an investment and resale point of view.

Keep scrolling to check out the handbags Bickle is all about, along with inspired shopping picks from Fashionphile. If you keep going, you’ll also uncover even more A+ bags to consider if you’re in the market to invest in a new style. 

I'm a Handbag Expert—These Key Styles Will Continue to Trend Through 2023



Dior Saddle Bag

“I love the nostalgic vibes of the reinvented classic Y2K bag styles like the Dior saddle bag. Our customers can’t get enough of the vintage motifs and the new.”—Kimberly Bickle

Fendi Baguette Bag

“If you want a fun bag to spice up your wardrobe, the Fendi Baguette is a must-have.”—Bickle

Chanel Mini Square Flap Bag

“For a classic style to invest in, I’d go for the Chanel Mini Square Flap. It’s the perfect size to dress up for a weekend night out or dress down for everyday use.”—Bickle

Louis Vuitton Capucine Bag

“If I’m looking for a splash of color, I turn to the Louis Vuitton Capucine. We have been getting a lot of fun color combinations and unique prints in this style that is perfect for summer.”—Bickle

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