My Friends Always Ask Me Where I Find My Outfits—I Told Them These 10 Stores

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Not to brag, but I think of myself as someone who knows how to spot a good fashion item. When I see something that makes my heart flutter (and wallet suffer), I have to share it with the world—most often with pictures, links, and tons of exclamation marks on my Instagram story. As someone who's known to influence all of my friends, family, and followers to buy something incredibly on-trend, I'm strongly anti-gatekeeping. My latest venture? Posting my outfits from my favorite retailers.

As a Gen Z editor, I'm constantly on the hunt for the latest and greatest to share with my friends. From browsing Nordstrom for hours on end to finding the best runway-inspired ballet shoes for more than $100 off, I've rounded up the best Zoomer-approved stores that everyone 25 and under is shopping now. 

Tory Burch



Although I've loved Tory Burch for years, it's hard ignore the Burchaissance that's happened over the last few months. Fashion people everywhere are drooling over the classic New York–based label, and after following the brand's runway shows, I've been floored season after season. After influencing nearly 10 of my friends and colleagues to buy the brand's ultra-luxe studded ballet flats, I've been eyeing everything else on the website to call my own.


It's no surprise Gen Z loves Zara. For trendy basics and fashion-forward garments that won't cost an arm and a leg, nearly everyone I know owns at least 10 pieces from the retailer. 

Urban Outfitters



While Urban Outfitters has been a massive hit among Gen Z for a while (who can forget the 2014 Tumblr era?), the retailer's flirty, youthful style is a favorite among the young fashion crowd for elevated picks and ultra-maximalist styles.


Ask any Gen Z fashion lover: If we're looking to invest in high-quality clothing, Net-a-Porter is the first place we'll run to. The site has a gamut of youth-loved brands like Ganni, Staud, and The Frankie Shop.




Fashion people love Ssense, and Gen Z is no different. The Canadian retailer is known for its variety of clothing from emerging and independent designers as well as high-fashion darlings like Maison Margiela, ShuShu/Tong, and Vivienne Westwood.




H&M's accessibility and size range can't be beaten when it comes to satisfying Gen Z's shopping taste. A pro tip: The new-arrivals section is constantly updated with classic finds that will outlast a mere blip in the trend cycle, making thoughtful purchases even easier than before.


I'm a die-hard Nordstrom lover. It's usually the first retailer I turn to if I'm looking for something extra-special. Plus, its contemporary section is full of Gen Z brands I love.

Lisa Says Gah

Indie girls, rise up. California-based retailer Lisa Says Gah is a fan favorite among Gen Z for it's fun, bright prints and roster of quirky accessories. If you're looking for pasta-shaped earrings, you'll find them here.




It's hard to deny Coach's impact. A lineup of Gen Z celebrities has transformed Coach from a heritage brand to a must-have It label. The brand's latest Tabby 26 campaign is quite literally everywhere, and it's no surprise Gen Z is buying in.




It's Reformation's world, and we're all just living in it. It feels like every day that an item from the Gen Z–beloved brand goes viral on TikTok. If you see it in stock, run—don't walk—to your online cart.