I'm a Fashion Editor, and This Is the Trendy Staple I Always Recommend

I own many staples in my closet. In fact, I'm always trying to craft the ultimate capsule wardrobe that includes all of the basics. There aren't many, though, that I can say I've been wearing for most of my life. That is with the exception of polo shirts. Growing up, polo tops were a mainstay in my wardrobe—whether they were something my parents were dressing me in when I was younger or part of a school uniform.

I didn't always think of polo shirts as *peak fashion* and resisted them for a while, but in time, they grew to become a core part of my closet. That's especially true now with brands such as Prada and Jacquemus putting directional versions on the map and with preppy fashion having a bigger moment than ever thanks to recent collections from Miu Miu and Lacoste. So whether you need an easy top to wear with jeans or want to lean into a major spring trend, I can't recommend the tops enough. Ahead are the 35 polo shirts I'd recommend adding to your cart.

Remember when I mentioned how good Prada's polos are?

It doesn't get more classic than Ralph Lauren.

For your future tennis uniform.

I can personally vouch for Ven Store's perfect pieces.

Stripes will be everywhere this spring.

I want to repeat this entire look.

The Range is always a solid bet for staples.

Miu Miu has proven to be the master of cool, preppy vibes.