I'm Cheating on Zara—Here's Where I've Been Shopping Instead

Pixie Market new arrivals


Sandra Semburg

As you've hopefully figured out by now, each week, I like to highlight all the coolest products found at one of my favorite affordable retailers of the moment. This week, it's Pixie Market. I'm usually known around these parts as the official Zara expert due to the account I share with my BFF, The Devils Wear Zara, and the fact that, simply put, I love the retailer. But in full transparency, I have been cheating on my fast-fashion significant other, and it's time I come clean.

Pixie Market is a quick-fix shopping destination I've been frequenting for years, but I have found that, especially among the fashion month flurry of trends and It items, something a little quieter is what I've been craving. While serving up the latest and greatest, Pixie Market also does a wonderful job of simultaneously selling quality pieces that make your wardrobe feel complete. This includes tailored trousers, leather trenches, and more.

Ahead, shop my favorite new finds from Pixie Market, and if you can, keep this love affair quiet until I have the guts to tell Zara. Thanks!

Buy this now, and come spring, you'll be thanking us. 

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