9 Outfit Ideas for Your Next Trip to Miami


Adam Katz/Le21ème

There are few places we love as much as Miami when it comes to anything-goes style. With the beach-centric city’s love of bright colors, whimsical prints, and next-level silhouettes, it’s certainly not a place for those not willing to have fun with fashion—as we all should. Even if you think you’re more of a basic black kind of girl, when in Miami, it’s worth dipping a toe into the vibrant pool of style. Literally. That said, it’s hot, especially come summertime. While you might very well be kicking it on the beach, able to hop in the ocean whenever your body temperature gets too high, you might be headed for a shopping trip or an after-hours dance party that doesn’t exactly lend itself to a cool-down in the ocean or pool.

The best part about Miami style is that beachwear is streetwear is evening wear: Mixing and matching is your best friend. Want to wear those tailored shorts on your coffee run and out to drinks that night? Go for it. How about that one-piece bathing suit with a striped pattern you love? Pair it with cutoffs on the beach and a midi skirt at night. And make sure to have a rotating selection of sandals that will take you from water’s edge to your favorite dinnertime locale.

Whether you’re Miami bound or simply want to infuse a little summertime whimsy in your go-to wardrobe, it’s time to start mixing some bold pieces into your collection stat. Check out our favorite outfits that all Miami girls love below.

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