I Just Visited Miami—6 Summer 2023 Trends Early Adopters Are Already Wearing


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A weekend in Miami has never failed to lift my spirits. My love for the city has come to a point where I visit at least once a season; I'm just always coming back for more. While I'm a huge fan of staying in South Beach, this time around, I decided to book a room in Brickell to experience what it's really like to live in Miami. The highlights of my weekend included my very own private balcony at Atwell Suites (a real treat for a New Yorker like myself who dreams of getting more outdoor time) and a multicourse dinner at Gitano that put an elevated twist on Mexican food that I instantly fell in love with. There's always something going on in this sunny city so I also got to stop by the Miami Open and have a day trip to Key Biscayne.

Activities aside, I feel like people don't talk about fashion in Miami enough. You see, Miami is a city that's always several steps ahead of summer trends. While I was visiting during what might be considered the beginning of spring in New York, people in Miami were already dressing for summer. After noticing quite a few of my favorite trends on vacation goers and residents of the city, I decided to pull out my notes app and take some things down. I'm officially buying into these six summer trends, so join me in shopping for them.

1. Elevated Crochet


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Crochet is usually thought of as casual beachwear but in Miami, the most fashionable people I saw were dressing it up for dinner or an elevated pool day. Visitors at some of the most elite hotel lobbies like The Edition and The 1 Hotel South Beach all brought something crochet in their suitcase and if that's not enough to convince you, I don't know what is.

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2. Mermaidcore


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The best way to make your outfit feel whimsical is by playing around with mermaidcore. This TikTok-driven aesthetic is a playful take on fashion that I think we all need to play into this summer. Think seashell embellishments, wave-like textures, maxi skirts, and lots of shine.

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3. Metallic Accessories


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A trend that I didn't see coming this year was metallic accessories. Whether it's a gold purse or silver shoes, this trend is insanely versatile because metallics find a way to go with everything. You heard it here first: Metallics are the new neutrals.

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4. Sculptural Tube Tops


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There's a reason a particular Zara purchase is currently going viral on TikTok. Sculptural tube tops are giving all the cool-girl vibes that we're after. Pair them with a wide-leg pair of jeans and you're ready for a summer night out.

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5. Maxi Hemlines


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Nothing says "I'm ready for summer" like the purchase of a maxi dress. This whimsical style is easy to just throw on before you head out for any occasion, even if it's just running errands. The best part is it makes getting dressed so much faster.

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6. Sheer Sparkles


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Sheer has been trending for quite some time now but people in Miami were wearing it in an even better way than I’ve ever seen before. With a bit of glitter and sparkles involved. My favorite thing about wearing this trend somewhere warm is that all you have to do is pair your favorite bikini with it and your set for a beach party.

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