Put a Hold on Your Next Pedicure Until You Screenshot These Rising Color Trends


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Some people might think manicures are more important than pedicures, but the fashion crowd knows that they're equally as important. After all, we can't just ignore the fact that open-toed shoes exist, right? And while I realize that whether or not I'm wearing open-toed shoes largely depends on the season and event, it's not just about other people seeing your pedicure. It's about you seeing your pedicure. Personally, I always feel more confident and put-together when I know I have a good pedicure, even if I know I'll be bundled up in cozy socks and boots for the foreseeable future. 

With that being said, I want to know what the trendiest nail polish shades are before I reach for any old color in my collection. For that, I turned to the experts. Keep reading to learn the top pedicure color trends, according to celebrity nail artists. From 2023's color of the year to preppy pastels and jewel tones, trust me—you're about to see these colors everywhere. 


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1. Viva Magenta

The Color of the Year for 2023 was just announced, and it's a mix of red and purple called Viva Magenta. Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein says this shade will definitely be trending. It only makes sense. After all, it's the perfect pedicure color. 

LeChat Nails educator Hemi Park agrees. She says it will be "huge in spring and summer." 

2. Minimalist Neutrals

"Twenty twenty-three will be the year of feminine minimalist shades with an eccentric accent of color in outfits and fashion like Viva Magenta, but these pale shades will be balancing out the boldness of big accent pieces," Park says. "You can go either go big with your pedi with the color of the year or create a great clean balance of colors with pales."

Celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik agrees, saying nude shades will be particularly trendy. "A nude toe is so versatile," he says. "It helps to elongate the foot and leg, looks great in any season, and works perfectly with your favorite shades on your fingers, whether it’s a summer neon or deep winter gem. You’ll always look chic."

3. Preppy Pastels

Next up? Preppy pastels in classic shades like pink, green, and blue. "Vintage-inspired shades like mint greens, baby blues, creamy corals, and Barbie pinks keep toes fresh and sassy," Bachik says. "Who doesn’t love a happy toe?"

4. Brights

Bachik also predicts that bright shades will continue to flourish in 2023. "The '90s/Y2K-inspired shades will continue, as we're loving pops of unexpected color," he says. "Contrast your look with classic shades sporting bright undertones for a bit of electric pizzazz."

Celebrity nail artist Sonya Belakhlef agrees, recommending bright purple and turquoise. 

5. Jewel Tones

This next one is my all-time-favorite category of nail colors—jewel tones. There's just something so sophisticated and mysterious about these colors, and Bachik agrees. "I love a dark toe," he says. "Black is trending as a staple but blackened shades that give us deep rich color is sooo hot. Plums, bordeauxs, and navys will all be sporting a bit of shimmer to add a bit of gem-like depth and make any pedi rich." 

6. Sparkles

Last but not least, Bachik predicts sparkly pedicures will be on-trend throughout 2023. "Plan on seeing texture everywhere from chunky glitters to sheens, shimmers, and pearls," he says. 

He also predicts a return of sparkly nail art, but this time, on the toes. "Nail art can, in some cases, be time-consuming and expensive. A fun and low-commitment way to explore your love for nail art is the ImPress Press-On Pedicure," he says. "Try different colors and nail art options quickly and easily. Simply press on and go." 

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