Here's Some News: Fashion Girls Are Wearing Pearls, Too

Leandra Medine Wearing Pearl Dress


Style Du Monde

It’s been a solid few years without pearl jewellery being in our accessory rotation. But lately we’ve seen the precious embellishments showing up everywhere but hanging from on a chain around the necks of our mothers or grandmothers. Sarah Spellings of The Cut confirms you’re about to see pearls in new and exciting places: “They are making a comeback — just reimagined as buttons, trims, and hidden treasures under collars and sleeves.”

Spellings notes that pearl embellishments have trickled their way down from the runway (Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs) to now featuring in fast fashion clothing—from cotton tops, to the sleeves of sweaters, and even on new season spring slides.

This trend is certainly not limited to the feminine dressers though. Look to the sporty Gucci trainers for a relaxed take on the pearl trend, or the oversize trucker jacket is equal parts tough as it is romantic. Both are anything but dainty and old-fashioned.

Keep scrolling to shop the pearl-embellished clothing that’s caught our eye.

Opening image: Style Du Monde 

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