This Australian Jewellery Collection Was Inspired By a Rare Italian Gemstone

If you follow Australian It girl Elle Ferguson from They All Hate Us on Instagram you would've heard of her sister Lucie's jewellery label Baby Anything. Elle has been spotted supporting her sister's label and making the jewellery her own no matter the occasion or outfit, not only around Sydney or in Byron Bay, but world-wide.

The jewellery brand designed and handmade by Lucie in Sydney's Paddington transforms precious metals and rare gems into romantic delicate fine necklaces and tough (yet luxe) skull rings. With one look at its collections we're feeling nostalgia back to the simpler and finer things in life; precious stones, diamonds, and coloured jewels. Who What Wear Australia chatted to Lucie about her label and discovered there's more to the jewellery than meets the eye, including inspiration from her mother from the '70s. Can you blame us for wanting to time-travel, or at least get away to the Mediterranean to wear these jewels?

Keep scrolling to be inspired by Lucie and her journey.

Baby Anything Lucie Ferguson

WHO WHAT WEAR AUSTRALIA: What do you love most about your brand?

Lucie Ferguson: "I love the connection I get to have with people through my work, I love that people celebrate the story of the brand as a self-made business and myself as a hardworking female. I also love that I have found so many like-minded people that are obsessed with the same things that make the foundations of my inspiration for new ranges and the store. People now link aesthetics from films such as Romeo + Juliet and Almost Famous to my brand, which is so amazing for me to see that message has translated."

WWW: Who are some designers you aspire to?

LF: "I am obsessed with the aesthetic of Chloé, I adore the sense of nostalgia the brand evokes and the real emphasis on femininity and youth. I worked for Dinosaur Designs years ago and I aspire to how they have scaled their business internationally but still retain the essence of Australia in their pieces. Louise and Steve were lovely to work for and I hope I can have that relationship with my staff over the life of my business."

WWW: Did it take a long time to source the best materials to make your jewellery?

LF: "Yes. The jewellery industry is a closed one, you only get to know things if you are persistent and have the right training and finally get to know some familiar faces. We get our precious metals from the leading supplier in Australia and they are all mined in Australia, which is important to me. I scour the globe for our stones and often fall in love with pieces that are becoming so rare, like the pink precious coral featured in our S/S 17 collection. It comes from southern Italy and Sardinia and was hugely popular in the '70s and has now been totally mined out, we were lucky enough to secure some!"

Baby Anything Jewellery

WWW: When did your love for jewellery begin?

LF:  "As a child, my mother had the most incredible jewellery selection. She collected pieces from across the globe in the late '70s and had pieces gifted to her by boyfriends during that era, so they were all the pieces that have shaped my aesthetic, gold, and feminine."

WWW: Talk us through the launch of your label. Did you have a plan?

LF: "I inherited a really creative spirit and fierce work ethic, so I naturally began to mould my Fine Arts degree practice into a business, even when I was still studying. I identified the gaps in the market for pieces I wanted to wear myself. I never had a business plan or any money saved, I started selling off my blog, then moved to a little online store platform back when they were only US-based. Every cent of profit I made went back into the business and it became addictive to see the orders come in."

The pendant necklace is so chic, even with the simplest of outfits. 

Opening image: Baby Anything

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