It Can't Just Be Me: I'm Seeing Pearl Jewelry Everywhere

You’ve probably said it be before, too. “I’m not a [enter the name of any polarizing trend here] person.” It’s an easy explanation for simply not being on board, and that was typically my excuse for any kind of pearl jewelry. I’m talking about classic studs or a singular Grace Kelly–approved strand. It’s beautiful, of course, but just a bit too prim and proper for my taste. However, things have changed. And thanks to what I’ve been spotting on social media, e-commerce sites, and spattered across this past New York Fashion Week, I find myself suddenly obsessed. Let me explain.

Specifically I’m referring to a huge uptick in the popularity of baroque styles—a more imperfect (if you want to call it that) shape that feels modern and unique—as well as playfully placed pearls. Brands like Sophie Buhai, Delfina Delettrez, and Alighieri excel at this approach, but tons more are available in a range of prices. And if, like me, you also prefer your pearls to be a bit more imperfect and non-precious, the styles below might speak to you, as well

The baroque pearl shape and non-smooth texture of the gold complement each other so well.

These coin pairs have a unique, one-of-a-kind feel.

If you go for a single pearl, we prefer this just-a-little-off approach.

A mixed set of earrings has an inherent irreverent feel.

Does Gucci ever do things the ordinary and expected way? (No.)

These are so much cooler than your average hoops, no?

Skip metals all together and opt for a pearl-adorned woven necklace.

Here's that updated everyday style you've been looking for.

Make sure not to leave the wrists out when it comes to this trend.

The natural shape of these pearls makes then so unconventionally beautiful.

Hoops, balls, and pearls—this pair has them all in perfect measure.