How Our Editors Made Patagonia Look Cool

For the past month, we've been talking about slow fashion a lot here at Who What Wear. Since it's our theme for July, we covered all the slow-fashion designers and brands that are doing it right and how to find (and wear) the best secondhand pieces. While slow fashion has certainly been a movement as of late, the leader in this arena has log been none other than Patagonia.

Patagonia—committed to creating sustainable, ethical clothing (that's also covetable) since 1974—inspired other brands to do the same along the way. (Read all about its mission here.) Not only that, but recently we've been waking up to the fact that it offers more than just hiking gear and fleeces fraternity guys wear to college football games. Reformation started selling select Patagonia pieces in 2016 (which always seem to quickly sell out), and we've seen the brand's iconic logo pop up on Instagram outfit posts more and more as of late.

So can you blame us for wanting to get in on the Patagonia action while supporting a brand that's doing everything it can to make positive changes in the environment? As you'll see below, each of us Who What Wear editors took a current Patagonia piece and built an outfit around it, resulting in 10 looks that prove, yes, it is very possible to make Patagonia look cool. Suffice to say, we're all Patagonia fans now. Check out our outfits, and shop the pieces we chose below.