I've Never Been to Paris, But I Can Get French-Girl Style With These 6 Items

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As a lover of fashion, I have always dreamed about visiting Paris. The great food, amazing museums, and next-level fashion always seemed so romantic to me. Unfortunately, I have still never been to Paris, but that hasn’t stopped me from my growing obsession with the city transitioning into an obsession with Parisian street style. The French fashion girls seem to just get it. They have mastered the art of being casual chic and effortlessly cool—a vibe I’m always going for. Throughout looking at my favorite French influencers and other sources of fashion inspiration, I noticed six items that can help me achieve a French-girl aesthetic. Keep scrolling to see the items that are helping me attempt to achieve Parisian style.

Loose Trousers

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Loose trousers are a cool-girl closet staple. They have this sophisticated yet casual vibe to them and can be styled in so many ways, making them not only a personal favorite but extremely versatile.

Fitted Cotton T-Shirt 

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Don’t knock the classic white cotton T-shirt. I wear a classic white tee almost every day, and I’m noticing French girls embrace this classic staple by styling it with chic tailored denim and blazers or their favorite miniskirts.

Casual Minidresses

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The look that can take you from coffee to running errands, to brunch, to a date and back. I excitedly wait until minidress season every year, it seems so do Parisian fashion girls.

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The slip dress has become the go-to look for a five-minute way to an effortlessly chic outfit. Personally, I’m obsessed. I love any look I can style with sneakers, sandals, or heels.

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Tailored trouser shorts are the perfect mix of work and play. The tailored look gives these shorts an elevated feel while keeping the casualness of a classic short. You can go with a classic neutral pair or be bold and go with a colorful or patterned pair. Either way, I’m in love.

Trench Coats

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The ultimate spring coat if you ask me. The trench coat is a classic staple that never goes out of style. It’ll be hard to find a stylish Parisian without one in their closet