The 7 Trending Spring Colors Fashion People Love

If there's one thing that's safe to bet your money on, it's that the Pantone Color Institute's carefully thought out predictions tend to come true. It's always a toss-up knowing whether certain runway trends will find mainstream success once the season arrives. That being said, we're still a few days out from spring, and these seven Pantone callouts are already finding their footing.

The S/S 20 color wheel is a ROYGBIV dream. From showstopping red to spring's unexpected champion (a rich and broody olive green), there is no shortage of fun hues. While stocking up on basics is great, once you're ready to reinject even more life into your wardrobe, we suggest potentially investing in these shades that fashion people love. Scroll on to shop our favorite color picks of the season.

Pale Yellows

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week JW Anderson Yellow Dress


Courtesy of JW Anderson

The official Pantone color: Sunlight 13-0822

How to spot it: Pantone's site refers to this spring's yellow pick as soft sunlight, something a hair paler than a lemon yellow. 

How to wear it: Don't be afraid to dress head-to-toe in the light hue. But to give the pale tone some dimension, choose darker-colored accessories to prevent the ensemble from looking too washed out.

Rich Marigolds

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week Sally LaPointe Orange Set


Courtesy of Sally LaPointe

The official Pantone color: Saffron 14-1064

How to spot it: Not quite orange, not quite gold, this spring saffron shade lies someplace in the middle. If the hue looks like it'd be at home in a proper spice market, right next to the turmeric, then you're on the right track.



How to wear it: Adding a saffron-colored piece is a great way to brighten up any outfit. Swap it in place of a basic white tee or denim shorts, or finish off a simple color scheme with a rich marigold accessory.

Cherry Reds

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week AWAKE Red Dress


Courtesy of A.W.A.K.E.

The official Pantone color: Flame Scarlet 18-1662

How to spot it: If it's a bold, bright red akin to your grandma's lipstick in the '50s, it fits the bill. Keep a lookout for true reds or reds with a slightly orange-ish undertone.



How to wear it: Go big or go home by choosing a red item to act as the main attraction when it comes to your outfit.

Aqua-esque Greens

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week Cynthia Rowley Pink Coat Green Dress


Courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

The official Pantone color: Biscay Green 15-5718

How to spot it: It's hard to separate this refreshing blue-green blend from its resort wear association. I'd best describe this color as what comes to mind when you envision the wallpaper used at resorts in the Florida Keys.

How to wear it: You may as well channel your inner resort-wear persona and pick lightweight, vacation-ready pieces. Too much of this his aqua hue can look overwhelming so stick to balancing it out with light, neutral tones like beige and ecru.

Army Greens

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week Kate Spade Dress


Courtesy of Kate Spade

The official Pantone color: Chive 19-0323

How to spot it: A color we typically associate with fall, this deep green hue is elbowing its way into spring. Chive is the official Pantone hue, but anything that lives within the olive- to army-green range will do.



How to wear it: Opting for deep green suiting separates will never fail you, but feel free to mix it up with a chive-green leather dress or pleated skirt.

Bright Oranges

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week Staud Orange Jumpsuit


Courtesy of Staud

The official Pantone color: Orange Peel 16-1359

How to spot it: All I can think of when looking at Orange Peel paint swatches is how much I miss Tang or orange-flavored Fanta. Similarly packed with flavor, Pantone's Orange Peel is not for the faint of heart. It's a bold and bright color that's hard to miss.



How to wear it: There is no wrong way to wear this season's most daring hue. The old adage that only select people can pull off orange has never felt more obsolete. If you're looking to just dip your toes into the color, though, we recommend paring an orange top, jacket, or shoes with denim. This is a combo we're going to see all over our feeds in the coming months.

Muted Corals

Spring Summer 2020 Fashion Week Christopher Kane Pink Dress


Courtesy of Christopher Kane

The official Pantone color: Coral Pink 14-1318

How to spot it: This pretty pink borders on peach. It's warm, welcoming, and the color we expect to become this season's new neutral.

How to wear it: We're seeing this color manifest itself in a handful of retro styles: '80s-esque running shorts, rectangular sunglasses, crew neck sweatshirts. But as we mentioned, expect this hue to become the new neutral and eschew basic white tees and denim in favor of coral iterations.

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