The Most Controversial Sneaker Trend of 2018 Is Hiding at Zara

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In this athleisure-obsessed world we live in, controversial sneaker trends have become the norm, and oftentimes, they become mainstream (shout-out to dad sneakers). But the latest style I've come across might take the cake. We've all grown accustomed to over-the-knee boots, but are you ready for over-the-knee sneakers? Zara is. The brand is currently selling a pair of black fabric sneakers that literally come up to the thigh.

I should be less surprised about this trend since sock sneakers and boots were (and still are) such a thing, but I can't help but be a little perplexed. What does one even wear with over-the-knee sneakers? Certainly not jeans or leggings. So that leaves dresses, skirts, and shorts. It's certainly not a look I could pull off, but it's 2018 and anything goes, so if you like them, wear them. And if you really like them, you can get a pair by Givenchy or Stella McCartney for a cool $800 to $900.

Shop the new controversial sneaker trend that's making the rounds below (if you dare). 

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