My 59-Year-Old Mom Asked Me What She Should Buy From Nordstrom, and I Said These

Unlike me, who hasn't quite figured out how to stop shopping, my mom hardly ever treats herself. Ever since she moved from L.A. to a small beach town in Michigan a few years back, the temptation that comes with living near countless shopping destinations is gone, and she rarely shops online. So when she texted me the other day with plans to go into Chicago for the weekend and asked me for ideas of what to get at Nordstrom (where I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Nordstrom is the mecca for just about everything), I was noticeably shocked. Well, shocked and excited. Because the only thing I love more than treating myself is convincing others to do the same.

Naturally, I dropped everything and started researching. We basically had an informational interview, during which she walked me through the missing pieces in her wardrobe; the jeans, dress, and shoe styles she leans toward most; and the brands she's been loyal to for years. Then, I got to work.

One too many hours later—I tend to get carried away—the shopping list below was born and subsequently given an excited checkmark from my mom. She saved a version to her phone to reference while at Nordys. I turned mine into this story. Below, find a comprehensive list of all the items I put on my 59-year-old mom's Nordstrom shopping list. If I had to guess, I'd wager they'll be on yours, too.

Shopping List

Her response: "Oh yeah, I love that collar, and even the little neck scarf worn with it. Unfortunately, those pants wouldn't look quite as good on me now compared to when I was your age, but the top is a definite yes."

Her response: "Wow, this reminds me that I haven't bought myself a proper bra in years. Usually, I go without or wear a sports bra for classes, but I have been meaning to update my comfortable and low-maintenance bra selection, and I like how this wouldn't be visible under a T-shirt or tank."

Her response: "I love a skirt that's comfortable and still pretty. Something you can go dancing in and that will go with boots or just a pair of tennies."

Her response: "My favorite! I have a couple of pairs of shoes from Superga and they are so comfortable. I love the lifted soul because it'll give me a bit of height."

Her response: "I love everything about this top. It has a very old-fashioned cut to it—like the 1600s or 1700s— and I like that it has a bit of a theatrical feel, without being obvious about it."

Her response: "I used to like black sunglasses, but the color is too harsh on my complexion now, so I really only wear tortoiseshell styles. The shape of these is really nice, too."

Her response: "Cashmere is my weakness. If you know how to wash it correctly, it also gets so much softer with wear. Shape-wise, I like that this isn't super fitted or long, neither of which are good for me." 

Her response: "I tend to like jeans that are lighter denim, as they're much more casual and wearable with my existing wardrobe. Also, the little flare would be cute with any of my boots or sneakers."

Her response: "I can already tell these are going to be so comfy. I love the heel height and how chunky it is, which I always know will allow me to walk around all day without pain. These are definitely coming home with me."

Her response: "This neckline is perfect for me. I like that it's not super buttoned-up, but I don't have to worry about showing off too much."

Her response: "I wear earrings every day, and I change my earrings every day, so it's important for me to have a lot of different pairs that are fun and go with everything. That's why these seem great for me. I'm already thinking up multiple outfits to wear them with." 

Her response: "This is something I'd throw on every day with leggings to go to the studio. I love the detail on the shoulders."

Her response: "I can already tell that I'm going to reach for these all the time."

Her response: "You know I love cashmere and green, so this is perfect." 

Her response: "All the women I know have bigger bags—my clients, everybody. Like, big old bags of room. I love a big bag, and I always, always, always have." 

Her response: "Oh yeah, I love that. I like that light-blue color."

Her response: "You know that Hanky Panky is the only brand I wear." And I do, because like mother, like daughter. 

Her response: "I always see you in blazers, and until recently, I never really thought I could wear them in a cool way. But I've been looking for one that's shorter and less boxy, and this could be it. I'm really into the print and color."

Her response: "I like how easy this T-shirt looks. Easy basics are important for me as I like to have some around the house for when I have to walk the dogs or teach an early morning class."

Her response: "This just seems like such an easy piece to throw on and still look put together." 

Her response: "Trench coats have the potential to be a bit too oversize for me, but this one looks fitted in a nice way, and I like the length of it for someone who's short like me. I'd definitely wear it tied at the waist to keep it from looking boxy."

Her response: "I always get compliments on my other Shinola watch from the woman who works at the watch shop at home—she's a legend—which is how I know that it's the watch brand for me. Also, how'd you know that I've been eyeing a rose gold one?" 

Her response: "I'm such a fan of wrap dresses for their shape, but I always worry about showing off too much in them. So I like that this one appears to be more covered at the top. Also, this green shade is so stunning and much more visually exciting that another black dress."

Her response: "I think this would be great for when it gets chilly at night and I just want to sit outside and read with a glass of wine. Hopefully, I don't spill on it, but otherwise, it's perfect. It's a good length, too."

Her response: "It's the square, sort of architectural heel that I love most."

Her response: "This bra is my preferred style to a T. I love that it doesn't have an underwire and if what you say is true, I'm excited to feel how soft the fabric is."

Her response: "Oh yeah, this is perfect. The fabric looks so luxurious and I love the idea of wearing it with flowy, linen pants when I walk down by the lake."

Her response: "My mom had a ring just like this when I was a kid, and I always wanted it for myself."

Her response: "As long as it's not too clingy, I think thin turtlenecks like this are really pretty and easy to layer."

Her response: "I love Lunya! I have the pants version of this set and wear it all the time."

Her response: "I have so many pairs of Lucky Brand jeans—they're one of my favorite brands."

Her response: "I live in Michigan, so I would for sure wear me some Birkenstocks."

Her response: "How did you know that my favorite knit hoodie was in dire need of a replacement?"

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Coming up: I'm Not an Impulse Shopper, But These Nordy Finds Have Me Quickly Adding to Cart