My Mom Used to Hate Abercrombie—Now, She's Begging Me to Buy These 29 Items

When I was growing up, all any tween wanted to wear was Abercrombie and Fitch, and my mom was adamantly against it. Like Bratz dolls, The Real World, and sleepovers at anyone's house other than my best friend since birth's, she loathed it when I'd beg for a denim miniskirt or sassy graphic tee from the retailer (and don't get her started on that infamous scent inside the brand's stores). Eventually, after years of me barraging her, she gave in. Though, she never liked it—at least, not for another decade or so. 

These days, following Abercrombie's gradual vibe shift over the last few years, her opinion seems to have made a 180-degree turnaround. Instead of convincing me not to shop at the store, she's been practically begging me to go there. Even more, she's been sending me links to pieces she is considering buying for herself. So to celebrate the moment I've been waiting practically my whole life for, I'm publishing her fall wish list below. That way, I'll always have proof. Scroll down to shop her picks. 

My 58-year-old mom's fall wish list from Abercrombie:

Why she loves it: "I'll admit I haven't worn leather pants in a long time. But something about this pair looks less intimidating than others I've seen."

Why she loves it: "I adore this style. The puff sleeves cover your arms in a very flattering way, and it looks wildly comfortable."

Why she loves it: "I make it my mission to replace my overworn basics every few years since they get so much use, and plain white tees are always on that list." 

Why she loves it: "Since I'm pretty petite, I need my midi-length dresses to be on the shorter side, so I'm always on the lookout for hybrid styles like this one. I love that it's fitted and versatile—I could wear it belted or with a pretty scarf and boots."

Why she loves it: "It doesn't get more classic than a camel dress coat." 

Why she loves it: "This jacket looks so comfortable and easy to wear to work (I'm a Pilates instructor) with yoga pants and sneakers."

Why she loves it: "I'm always looking for jeans that work with my body type, and this mid-waist pair looks like a front-runner. I love the wider leg as well."

Why she loves it: "This dress is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I adore the color and the cowl neck." 

Why she loves it: "My black ankle boots have seen better days. This pair would make a perfect replacement." 

Why she loves it: "I haven't wanted a button-down shirt in a million years, but recently, I've been eyeing a striped style like this one as well as a plain white one." 

Why she loves it: "I always go for a satin slip skirt—I've loved them forever." 

Why she loves it: "I'm a sucker for pretty blouses. The sleeves are especially gorgeous." 

Why she loves it: "Classic and flattering, but with a twist."

Why she loves it: "I fell for this skirt immediately upon seeing it. It reminds me of the early '70s, like Ali MacGraw's wardrobe in Love Story." 

Why she loves it: "Cozy sweaters are hard for me to find because they always end up being too oversize and overwhelming given that I'm short and pretty petite."

Why she loves it: "I've never found a light-colored boot I didn't love."

Why she loves it: "Now that I have my eyes set on leather pants, I want to try every pair and find the ones that work for me. I really just want a style that looks tasteful and can be paired with sweaters and button-downs."

Why she loves it: "I just love this cropped puffer, period." 

Why she loves it: "I feel like this shirtdress would be so easy to dress up and down." 

Why she loves it: "I've been really into blazers and shackets in the last few months, so this jacket really resonated with me. The color is beyond beautiful, and I love the texture." 

Why she loves it: "I've found myself going back to the classic tailored pieces I wore a lot in the '90s." 

Why she loves it: "Then again, I'll always be a hippie at heart." 

Why she loves it: "We're nearing the freezing seasons in Michigan, so all I'm going to want to wear are super-cozy cropped jackets like this one." 

Why she loves it: "I loved bodysuits when I was younger, and this one reminded me why. The neckline especially feels so elevated and eye-catching."

Why she loves it: "If you can't tell, light-colored, neutral leatherwear is my kryptonite." 

Why she loves it: "I might not look like the model in this dress, but I think I would look great in it too." 

Why she loves it: "Love, love, love these boots. I'm dying for a pair like this for fall. (If only they made smaller sizes.)" 

Why she loves it: "I can already imagine myself wearing this cropped jacket at work, while hiking, or during a walk on the beach with my pups."