I Just Bought a Pair of Bermuda Shorts and Have These 8 Outfits Saved to Try

outfits with Bermuda shorts



Look, I'm not even going to pretend that Bermuda shorts didn't intimidate me. They totally did. Ever since I saw the knee-grazing lengths that emerged on the S/S 20 runways at Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, and the like, I felt a mixture of emotions. I both feared them (because of the "ugly" long length) and absolutely loved them (because they felt fresh and ultra-cool).

I figured I could love them from afar like I've done with many other trends I decided simply weren't for me, but Bermuda shorts had other plans for me. They crept up in my subconscious, slipped their way into my feed, and started popping up at an appealing range of price points until I was losing sleep over not trying them. At that point, I promptly panic-bought an affordable pair (as I like to do with "riskier" fashion buys), namely this $55 pair from Nordstrom.

Well, I'm pleased to report that my shorts and I have hit it off. And now I get to test out all the styling ideas I'd been mentally saving for this very moment. I'm clearly really excited about these outfits with Bermuda shorts, and I'm confident you will be too, so I went ahead and compiled them all into this one convenient story. Scroll down to see them, screenshot the looks you like most, and peruse the ways to re-create each yourself, too. Here's to a summer of knee-grazing shorts!

Ribbed Tank + Strappy Heels + Gold Earrings
how to wear Bermuda shorts



Grab your go-to ribbed tank top (or reach for a one-shoulder version for something different) and slip on a pair of strappy sandals for an easy yet very stylish Bermuda-shorts look.

Coordinating Suit + Bra Top + Sporty Sandals
how to style Bermuda shorts



I'm obsessed with everything going on here but mainly like how the lace-up bra top freshens up the shorts suit. I would honestly wear this outfit with multiple shoe options but think the sporty sandals add something different.

Camp Shirt + Swimsuit Top
Bermuda shorts outfits



Two things: camp shirts (another emerging summer trend I'm betting on) and swimsuits worn as tops. Both can, and should, be styled with long shorts.

Racer Tank + Heeled Thongs + Oversize Clutch
easy Bermuda shorts outfits



I'm looking at you, minimalists. This look doesn't try too hard at all but still looks polished and cool thanks to summer staples like racer tanks and of-the-moment heeled thong sandals. Make it very 2020 with the addition of an oversize clutch bag.

Button-Down Shirt + Belt + Slides
polished Bermuda shorts outfits



Create a polished look when you wear a button-down shirt tucked in. A belt adds dimension to the look.

Going-Out Top + '90s Shoulder Bag
trendy outfits with Bermuda shorts



Give your going-out top a new life for the daytime by pairing it with the tailored trousers. A '90s-style shoulder bag ensures the look feels current.

Oversize Shirt + Bra Top + Flip-Flops
summer outfits with Bermuda shorts



I'm honestly tired of my sweats, but I'm not tired of easy loungewear outfits like this, so I plan on styling my shorts with breezy button-downs and flip-flops to emulate this easygoing vibe.

Pretty Blouse + Polished Heels
ways to wear Bermuda shorts



I'm including a more dressed-up look in this roundup because, hey, I plan to keep wearing my long shorts once we're allowed to go out again and think this styling makes them office-approved.