I Just Got Back From Mallorca—Here's the Outfit Formula I Wore Every Day


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Don't you love earning a brand-new stamp on your passport? Earlier this month, I went to Spain for the first time, and those four square centimeters of fresh ink were so satisfying because of what they represented: a chance to explore a destination through an unspoiled lens. Oh, and the opportunity to take some excellent outfit pics, of course.

I traveled to the small town of Deià on the island of Mallorca with the express purpose of celebrating the launch of the new Kurt Geiger x Matthew Williamson collaboration. Why Deià, you might ask? Williamson is a British ex-pat who has made the picturesque hilltop village his home for the last eight years (cue the jealousy). It's also Kurt Geiger Creative Director Rebecca Farrar-Hockley's favorite vacation destination, meaning it was a no-brainer to use the locale as inspiration for the collab. 

"My job was to create a print that would encapsulate Kurt Geiger, my brand, and Deià," Williamson told me. "I started looking at traditional Mallorcan ikat patterns, [and] I wanted to incorporate that. The florals were actually inspired by these wild orchids that grow on the road down from my house in Deià to my daughter's school, so all of that is enmeshed in the print." 

The result? "We've ended up with a colorway that represents both Kurt Geiger with our distinctive rainbow palette and the amazing Mediterranean sea: turquoise, blue, and green," Farrar-Hockley told me. "And then the rich burnt aubergine and orange of the sunset. The prints [Williamson] created really sum up those two sides for me."

I decided to style the collab in a way that would put the colors front and center. Specifically, my favorite vacation outfit formula involves an oversized white button-down shirt, white linen pants, and colorful accessories.

Keep scrolling to see how I styled the new Kurt Geiger x Matthew Williamson collab and shop the pieces. In addition to being available online, the items will be featured in pop-up shops at six different Bloomingdale locations throughout June. 

My Outfit Formula: White Button-Down + White Pants + Colorful Accessories


(Image credit: @fitzpatrickerin)

What I'm wearing: Kurt Geiger x Matthew Williamson Kensington Swimsuit ($125), Orion Sandals ($195), and Kensington Bag ($325); Abercrombie shirt; J.Crew pants


(Image credit: @fitzpatrickerin)


(Image credit: @fitzpatrickerin)

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