8 Classic Fall Pieces I Can't Live Without

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There’s nothing I love more than creating outfits out of simple, effective, and classic pieces. This also might be because I have a 5-month-old at home, and these days, I need pieces in my wardrobe that will make me feel like a million bucks (even if I have only slept for two hours). Case in point: AG’s newest pieces for fall have me swooning. Because I have to now pre-plan my outfits for the week, I found eight pieces from the L.A.-based fashion brand that are as chic as they are easy to style. Here are the four outfits I have on rotation.

The French-Girl’s Uniform

For anyone who knows me, this no-color-color-combo is my jam. I’ve been an advocate for the combo since I could dress myself, and this season is no different. There’s something about a cream miniskirt and a black fitted turtleneck that makes me want to walk to Café de Flore as if I were a resident of Paris. This season, I’ll incorporate a trendy piece to this forever classic by slipping on a pair of over-the-knee leather boots with this look.  

The Universal Go-To

Plaid blazers and skinny jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly, Chanel and quilting, Kanye and Kanye… you get the picture. I’m reserving this outfit for days when my newborn refuses to sleep and I have 10 minutes to get dressed in the morning. Rather than going for classic black and white (I know, the horror), I’m going to switch it up with a gray skinny and slate blue plaid blazer. My new white loafers will work perfectly with this outfit and will have me out the door for my Monday meetings.

The Slightly Preppy ’Fit

One of the biggest styling trends I saw during fashion month on the street style scene was how these stylish girls were draping their sweaters over their shoulders. I’m planning on pulling off the same slightly preppy look with this tie-dye dress and navy blue sweater and a chunky gold necklace for a touch of glam.

The I’m-From-L.A. Look

Well, I am from L.A., and I can promise you, moto jackets and high-waisted jeans are our thing. I love the shade of this pistachio (a huge color trend for fall) as well as the length of this lush suede jacket. I’ll wear this outfit combo on a crisp fall Saturday morning when I’m making my way to Alfred’s for my go-to latte.

Nayiri Mampourian
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

Nayiri is Who What Wear's senior fashion editor for branded content and based in her hometown, Los Angeles. It all began in 2014 when she landed an internship at the company and never looked back. While she does love writing her fair share of fashion stories, her heart really belongs in the brainstorm room, where she has fun strategizing different ways to create content with our fashion partners so that you engage with the brands you know and love. Her style tends to be more classic (she loves a good black-and-white look with gold accessories), and white pumps are kind of her thing. If she had to pick one person's wardrobe to raid, it would be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's, and she also has a major obsession with interior design. She's a mom to a 1-year-old baby girl named Sophie, and she fully plans on training her to spot fashion trends by the time she's 10. That's all!