Celebrity Stylists Would Remove These 3 Winter Trends From Your Closet


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Now that we're knee-deep in winter (will spring ever arrive?), it's time to take inventory of the current state of our closets. Is there an overflow of impractical shoes? Too few coats and jackets? The temperatures aren't going anywhere soon, so we'd hate to miss out on the opportunity to bring our wardrobes up to speed for winter.

To get some intel on which winter fashion trends to donate and which to replace them with, I reached out to celebrity stylists Britt Theodora, Philippe Uter, and Laura Sophie Cox. They shared the top three items they think are safe to put away for now or donate for good and, of course, which they recommend adding to your wardrobe. We couldn't agree with their selections more, which is why we're jumping at the chance to share the intel here to ensure that you and your clothing lineup are as prepped as possible going into this season. Their suggestions are merely that—suggestions—and these are by no means hard-and-fast rules for what to ditch and buy. Instead, take into consideration your own personal style when deciding whether these tips are for you.

Keep reading to find out the outdated styles, according to celebrity stylists, and then shop the new winter trends that will take their place.

Consider Retiring: Thick-Soled Sneakers

Consider Adopting: Low-Heeled Mules

"I would recommend retiring the thick-soled sneaker trend. They have an unflattering silhouette, and this trend has been going on for such a long time. Time to go back to something more classic. Instead, I would replace it with a shoe that is more sensual and feminine, such as a kitten heel. Specifically, a mule as they are so chic and elegant, even with a sweater and a pair of jeans." — Philippe Uter, celebrity stylist


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Style Tip: Wearing a pair of to-the-knee socks with your kitten heels feels very right now.


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Style Tip: Fashion people are all about accessorizing their shoes with a cool anklet in warmer weather, and mules are the ideal showcase.

Consider Retiring: Bulky Puffer Jackets

Consider Adopting: Menswear-Inspired Overcoats

"This winter I am retiring my overused puffer jacket for an oversize menswear-inspired coat. For the daytime, I'd throw it on with a bright hoodie and jeans, and at night I'd wear it over a dress and tights. A menswear-inspired coat is incredibly chic and effortless, and I suggest looking at the make of the coat for 100% wool so it keeps you super warm. I recently found my coat in a vintage store, so I love that this is a timeless piece." — Britt Theodora, celebrity stylist


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Style Tip: We're here for any fashion item that can quickly elevate our go-to T-shirt, jeans, and ankle boots.


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Style Tip: Belting an overcoat and wearing it as a dress might just be our favorite trick in the book.

Consider Retiring: Logomania

Consider Adopting: Neutrals and Suiting

"Gone are the days of the logo-mania craze, making a return from the '90s, within separates, suiting, and dresses, especially those showcased by designers like Versace, Gucci, and Fendi. Instead, I recommend adopting neutral tones into your wardrobe. This winter, I have been gravitating toward neutral oversize suits. There are so many incredible brands not only thinking environmentally responsible but creating beautiful and unique designs within this category, like Hiraeth, Gabriela Hearst, and Maggie Marilyn, for example." — Laura Sophie Cox, celebrity stylist


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Style Tip: The suiting trend isn't going anywhere; it's merely being updated with long, culotte-esque shorts.


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Style Tip: Skip the blazer and style a button-down shirt with trousers, leaving the last few buttons undone for a look that screams 2020.


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Style Tip: Wearing an oversize blazer in lieu of pants is a style risk that actually pays off. Trust.

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