6 Boot Outfits I Fully Plan on Copying This Year

boot outfits



Let me guess. You wear a pair of boots every other day and at this point have come to think of them as the base to any and all of your casual outfits. Basically same. And with so many chic boot trends to choose from this season—from knee-high beauties to heavy-duty combat boots and retro platforms—it's opening up a whole new world of possibility in terms of outfit ideas. And that's where we come in.

Since a solid pair of boots transcends seasons, I took it upon myself to pull the coolest boot outfits from celebs and fashion girls to serve as my inspiration for the coming months. You see, they're a staple shoe in my closet, but I often find myself searching for ways to add style. Which denim fit should I wear? Which skirt or dress length looks best with ankle boots? If you ever find yourself wondering the same things, the below outfits should serve as your ultimate wardrobe inspiration.

From the knee-high boots everyone wants right now to the platform boots that the French just adore, go on to see all the boot outfits you'll want to try and then shop the pieces to achieve each look.

From Celebrities

Selena Gomez boot outfit



Wide-leg jeans are the denim trend I'm fully embracing in 2020, and I can't wait to re-create this perfect outfit because I love how Selena chose sleek and coordinating accessories to pull the look together.

Hailey Bieber boot outfit


Vasquez-Max Lopes / BACKGRID

Forgoing pants is tricky for sure, but Bieber pulled it off flawlessly here, marrying an oversize T-shirt with knee-high boots.

From Fashion People

skirt and boot outfit



We've predicted that denim skirts will be a massive spring 2020 trend, and I'm ready to try out the look like Sylvie did here with a sleek turtleneck and trusty ankle boots.

knee-high boot outfits 2020


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

I've seen the knee-boot tuck done with jeans and trousers, but it feels especially fresh when attempted with a utility jumpsuit. 

To fully embrace the retro vibe of platforms, a shrunken cardigan and plaid miniskirt are in order.

boot outfits 2020



Another no-pants look. Can you tell I have a thing for it? I'll be test-driving this look with a boxy blazer and shoulder bag at the first sight of spring.

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