7 Swimsuit Trends Fashion Girls Are Skipping in 2019

Swimsuit season has officially arrived, everyone. If you, like this editor, are feeling very ready for a dose of sunshine on a beach somewhere far away, you’re probably considering which swimsuits are worth wearing. This time around, there is no shortage of new swimwear trends that will be appearing poolside and on our Instagram feeds, but which ones still feel fresh and cool for a brand-new swimsuit season?

Ahead, fashion insiders are sharing the swimsuits they’re skipping for summer 2019—from the outdated trends they’re leaving behind to the uncomfortable styles they aren’t on board with. They’re also weighing in on the new trends they will be wearing as summer officially kicks off. Here, find out the seven swimsuit trends you’ll spot them wearing and seven you won’t. If you’re anything like me, their stylish picks will be sure to inspire what you’ll be packing in your suitcase.

Paola Alberdi, Blank Itinerary

Skipping: The Metallic Trend

“Personally, I think metallics can look really nice on a gown or when you have more fabric to work with, but on swimsuits, it can sometimes look tacky.”

Wearing Instead: Yellow

“Yellow is having a big moment right now, and I have definitely hopped on the bandwagon. I think a yellow swimsuit is a no-brainer this summer”

Natasha Oakley, CEO and Co-Founder of Monday Swimwear

Skipping: Belted Swimsuits

"This summer, I am skipping the belted swimwear trend. It's so cute for photos, but I am all about comfort, and it's not ideal for a relaxing day at the beach."

Wearing Instead: High-Leg Swimsuits

"Instead, I'll be wearing high-leg swimsuits and one-pieces. They are super flattering on the body, and I have short legs, so I appreciate anything that helps to elongate them!"

Clémentine Desseaux, Model

Skipping: Cutouts

"I am so not excited by those weird cutouts swimsuit I have seen coming back in fashion lately. Not only is it giving you a terrible tan, but it's also highly uncomfortable."

Wearing Instead: Quirky Designs

"This Summersalt is pretty perfect for me, as it's chic but quirky all at once."

Brittany Xavier

Skipping: Non-Sustainable Swimsuits

Wearing: Sustainable Swimsuits

"I love a good high-waist suit with a high-leg cut. Not so much a trend, but one thing about my decision for swimwear this summer is how it's made. Because I wear swim so often during the summer, I want to make sure it's produced sustainably and lasts through the season with the quality of the material. Both of these styles offer either a high-waist or high-leg cut and are sustainably produced."

Nicole Eshaghpour, Market Editor at Who What Wear

Skipping: Barely There Bottoms

"When it comes to swimwear coverage, I'm one of those people who come from a place of more is more, so I'll definitely be skipping all the barely there bikini bottoms we've been seeing as of late."

Wearing: High-Waisted Bikini Sets

"Instead, I'll be sticking with my trusty (and conveniently on-trend) high-waisted bikini sets. I love them all, from simple to printed or embellished, and at the moment, this one by Leslie Amon is at the top of my wish list. I'm obsessed with the subtly two-tone color combo and how it almost looks like you just went in the water halfway and then came out."

Roxanne Namaki, Founder of Maiyo

Skipping: Bold Colors and Patterns

"This year, I'll be skipping the super-colorful/-patterned suits. As much as I love bold color, I'm loving tonal shades right now, especially in the sun. I do believe in a slight pop of color, but I feel patterns on the beach distract from the chic, simple beauty of the suit and a woman's body."

Wearing: Rhinestone Buckles

"Instead, I'll be wearing rhinestone buckles! Simple suits with a touch of bold."

Shop rhinestone-buckle swimsuits:

Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor at Poosh

Skipping: High-Waisted Bottoms

"Lately, I've been pushing my high-waisted bottoms aside."

Wearing: String Bikinis

"I'm opting for string-style bikinis. I like to pull the straps up to hit above my hips, which lends a more flattering look IMO. I've been living in this nude set from Dipped in Blue.”