8 Outdated Boot Trends That We're Not Really Feeling and 8 We're All About


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There's one item that takes up the most room in every Who What Wear editor's closet, and that is boots. They're big and bulky and can often be found sprawled across the floor of our tiny New York City apartments (at least in my case). With that being said, it's important for us to edit down our boot collections so that only the best of the best stick around in our closets. After reviewing our picks from last fall/winter, we're certain that a few of our once-loved styles have got to go.

Donate them, sell them, or turn them into flower pots. No matter what you do, be sure to pause before buying into any of the below trends that our editors are giving the boot to. These eight styles are first up on the chopping block.

Not Feeling: Platform Boots

All About: Elevated Riding Boots


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"Platform boots are a trend I never got on board with, so I'm happy to see that they're not really a thing this fall. Alternatively, a boot trend I'm always on board with because it's so timeless is riding boots. The Toteme pair is the goal, but COS and Madewell also have great and more affordable versions out right now."

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Not Feeling: Lug-Sole Knee-High Boots

All About: Heeled Knee-High Boots


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"My main style goal this fall is to be as classic and refined as possible. That means revisiting my boot collection and ousting any silhouettes that are clunky or overly utilitarian, like lug-sole boots. They're definitely practical, but ultimately, I'm only in the mood to wear boots that are streamlined and sleek, so I'm lining my shoe rack with heeled knee-high boot styles that are reminiscent of the late '90s. Case in point: this pair from Massimo Dutti, which I consider to be perfect."

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Not Feeling: Sock Boots

All About: Moto Boots


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"This season, I am still riding high on my love for boots with a stronger, edgier silhouette. While lug soles are still a go-to, I have shifted my attention to bold moto boots. Whether with leggings and an oversize sweater, a T-shirt and jeans, or a slip dress, a great pair of moto boots easily adds an instant cool factor to any look."

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Not Feeling: Stiletto Boots

All About: Flat Riding Boots


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"Right now, I'm just not into fussy clothes and accessories. I want to be super comfortable but not sacrifice style, so I'm leaning toward flat riding boots. On the runways, they've been styled with baggy jeans tucked into them, but skinny jeans also work well."

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Not Feeling: Chelsea Boots

All About: Glossy Knee-High Boots


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"If there is one thing that gets me excited for fall fashion, it's boots, especially knee-high boots. All summer long, I excitedly wait to bust out all of my tall boots. I love pairing a miniskirt and sweater, a knit minidress, or even a high-slit midi dress with tall boots. I just think they are the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated when styled right. There is a pair of investment boots from Saint Laurent that have been living in my mind rent-free. On the other hand, one type of boots I'm not as into is Chelsea boots. They have never really been a favorite of mine, but this year, I'm taking it as far as getting rid of the Chelsea boots in my collection. Sorry, Chelsea boots—not this year."

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Not Feeling: Statement Boots

All About: Suede Boots


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"I feel like statement boots (such as metallics and prints) have a resurgence every few years, but this season, I'm looking to suede in order to switch it up from basic black leather. They give an outfit an element of texture without overriding it. Plus, you won't get sick of them in a few months the way you could with brightly colored, metallic, or printed boots."

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Not Feeling: Combat Boots

All About: '90s Stiletto Boots


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"Trust me—combat boots had their time in my shoe rotation, but lately, I've been more interested in a far sleeker style of '90s-era footwear: fitted stiletto boots. My pair is vintage Jimmy Choo, but today's styles are just as chic, with some of my favorites being from Reformation, Diesel, The Row, and Saint Laurent."

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Not Feeling: Velvet Boots

All About: Sock Boots


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"I didn't expect sock boots to come back so quickly, but here they are. If you want your legs to look a million miles long, this is the solution for you. Around the time that sock boots were having their reign, I had an obsession with velvet boots. I remember raving about them endlessly and wearing them to all my classes in college. If I could go back in time, I'd tell myself to wear sock boots instead since I'm still wearing them now."

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