7 Pieces Celebs Stopped Wearing Altogether in 2018



I'm not sure how it happened, but at this point, we're mere days away from the end of 2018. As we round out the year, let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? This year saw an incoming of so many new trends, and naturally, that meant others were pushed to the sidelines, if not trampled completely. More so than anyone else, celebs were the early adopters of 2018's most cutting-edge trends, from bucket hats to baguette bags, which means they were also the first people to make like Ariana Grande and say thank you, next to their outdated pieces.

In the interest of taking stock of what's en vogue on the celebrity front, we investigated which outdated celebrity fashion trends never made it past December 31, 2017, and found seven major trends that altogether vanished from celebrities' closets from then till now. Have you also noticed that items like bomber jackets and off-the-shoulder tops are nowhere to be found? Keep reading to see which pieces are out of sight, out of mind and which fresher styles have replaced them.