6 Spring Outfit Formulas I'm Stealing From the Olsen Twins

Since taking on the role of Who What Wear's social media editor back in November, I've noticed a few things about our audience. Firstly, there's unanimous agreement that bubblegum pink is the most on-trend shade for spring. Secondly, if Hailey Beiber reveals behind-the-scene info on her beauty routine, everyone wants to know about it. Thirdly, we're all still completely and utterly obsessed with the Olsen twins, even after all these years. 

Of course, when it comes to the latter, I can wholeheartedly agree that I too have an unrelenting interest in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's aesthetics. Having grown up admiring the pair, I was as into their outfits in 2004 when they donned 'I Heart New York' T-shirts alongside red skirts for the film New York Minute as I am today when I see them dressed in casual, oversize shirts and straight-leg jeans


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The pair possess the unique ability to look thoroughly contemporary while wearing timeless, classic outfits made up of the wardrobe staples we're all likely to own—albeit at a different end of the price-point spectrum. Often opting for simple colour palettes in shades of black, white and cream, there's nothing particularly groundbreaking about the way the Olsens dress, but it is this simplicity that makes their looks so appealing. 

To illustrate this, I've compiled a list of six spring outfit formulas the Olsen twins have down to a science (prepare to see a lot of button-down shirts) which you can copy using closet staples you probably already own. Keep scrolling to see all six looks below. 

1. Oversize Shirt + Wide-Leg Jeans + Sandals


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Style Notes: To say that the Olsens are fond of button-down shirts would be an absolute understatement. Both twins wear oversize button-down shirts regularly, with a rotation of wide-leg jeans, trousers and even miniskirts. 

2. White Shirt + Miniskirt


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Style Notes: This photo may have been taken in September 2011, almost 10 years ago, but the outfit on the right is undeniably timeless. Pairing a crisp white shirt alongside a neutral-toned miniskirt is an outfit that will see you through the years to come. 

3. Knit Vest + Wide-Leg Trousers + Sandals


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Style Notes: While the Olsen twins are known for their classic style, they aren't immune to seasonal trends. Here, Mary-Kate opts for one of last year's most popular items, the knit vest. 

4.Black Maxi Dress + Pointed-Toe Heels


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Style Notes: There's nothing more sophisticated than a black dress and pointed-toe pumps. It's a classic look that will work time and again. 

5. Button-Down Shirt + Black Trousers + Sandals


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Style Notes: Another example of the Olsens affinity for shirting. Here, each of the twins has paired a button-down alongside black trousers and sandals. 

6. Button-Down Shirt + Hat + Jacket


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Style Notes: While the twins often lean towards a more minimalist aesthetic, this look is made all the more interesting thanks to the addition of the burgundy hat. Make like Mary-Kate and ensure you've got a jacket on hand in case the weather changes. 

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