7 Outfit Formulas the Olsen Twins Have Down to a Science

It’s hard to deny the power of the Olsen twins. Endlessly intriguing, Ashley and Mary-Kate have been in the spotlight since they were young yet still manage to capture the attention of the world (and, more specifically, the fashion industry) three decades later. 

Having created a veritable fashion empire with their brand The Row, which is loved by celebrities and the style set alike, at this point the Olsens are bonafide fashion royalty. And while they are extremely private and only make a few public appearances a year, fans of the pair are always interested to see and emulate what they are wearing.


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When it comes to Olsen style, there is a certain aesthetic the sisters have down to an exact science. If we were to put it succinctly, we’d say it’s all about the proportions, as the sisters often play with voluminous shapes or oversized silhouettes.

However, they don’t just wear clothes that are a few sizes too big. No, Ashley and Mary-Kate and are much smarter with their style than that, as they play with proportions very strategically. For example, the twins will happily wear an oversized dress or floor-length skirt but will ensure they cinch the item at the waist, or they’ll wear a borrowed-from-the-boys style shirt and straight-leg trousers but will tailor the trousers immaculately so that you can still see a part of their ankle. It’s the key to keeping things oversized without looking like your clothes are swallowing you up, and it’s something Ashley and Mary-Kate have perfected over years and years of practice. 

It might take some very precise tailoring, but believe us, once you've altered a piece of clothing this intentionally, you'll keep it in your wardrobe for years to come. Keep scrolling to see all the outfit formulas Ashley and Mary-Kate have down pat. 

1. Pleated Maxi Skirt + Roll-Neck


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2. Perfectly Tailored Trousers and Ballet Flats


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3. Oversized Tuxedo-Inspired Shirt and Trousers


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4. The Floor-Skimming Coat


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5. Long Black Dress and Heels


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6. Boho-Chic


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7. Long-White Dress


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Elinor Block