The Hardest-Working Pieces in Olivia Palermo's Closet

Something we've noticed about Olivia Palermo over the years is that she's quite loyal to her most-loved articles of clothing and accessories, opting to wear her favorites time and time again. From fast-fashion finds to designer investment pieces, Palermo mixes and matches her wardrobe to make her most-often-worn items feel fresh. In fact, she even wore the sneakers that she loves to run errands in to a recent couture fashion show in Paris—both with great success! There's clearly a lot to learn from Palermo's style savvy. While we may not all have a crocodile Givenchy bag to tote around, we all have our own go-to tote, sweater, and pair of jeans, and to see that Palermo does, too, and that she styles them so differently with each wear is aspirational.

Scroll down to see and shop the pieces that Palermo wears the most!

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