Engagement Ring Trends That Will Die in 2019


(Image credit: Szymon Brzoska - The Style Stalker)

Of the most prized jewelry pieces, there’s nothing more personal than your engagement ring. After all, it’s not only a profession of your commitment to your S.O. but it's also kind of an extension of who you are. When you’re choosing an engagement ring, there are a lot that factors into the mix, including cut, color, and style. In order to make your engagement ring decision as educated as possible, we're here to inform you of the engagement ring trends that will die as we exit 2018 and enter 2019. 

To know exactly what styles are on the decline, we tapped jewelry designers Rachel Boston and Ashley Zhang for their expert input when it comes to engagement rings. “I think the round brilliant cut solitaire (though not technically a trend, as it’s a classic) is going to be left on the shelf more and more,” Boston tells us. “Women are so much more adventurous now with their engagement rings, they want something that reflects themselves and their unique style.”

As for Zhang, she feels that rose gold rings have been declining, and instead are opting for traditional metals like yellow gold. “Towards the end of this year yellow gold has been the most popular metal choice and I know it will continue to be popular in 2019.” Whether you’re on the brink of getting engaged, or you’re simply updating your Pinterest board, shop the rings that brides are loving for the next year below.

Yellow Gold

Non Traditional

Double Band

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