10 Festive (Yet Not Cheesy) Fall Nail Colors We're Wearing on Repeat This Month



October is here, and while Pinterest and Instagram are rife with black, orange, and pumpkin-bedazzled manicures, we're here to say your October nail MO doesn't have to be Halloween themed and/or riddled with spiders, cobwebs, and ghosts. (Of course, if that's your jam, we encourage it. You do you!)

For anyone who's on the hunt for festive fall nail colors that aren't your typical spooky fodder, however, we totally have your back. From enchanting shades of crushed violet and plum to chilling shades of blue and green, we've searched the internet for 10 of the chicest fall nail colors we plan to play on repeat this month. Keep scrolling! Our favorite ideas await just below, and you might as well tell Alexa to play "Thriller" while you're at it.  

Pitch Black

Olive and June's ultraglossy black nail polish, E+M, is, hands down, our favorite of all-time. To keep black nails looking chic and polished, we prefer long-wearing formulas that offer lots of shine and are virtually chip-proof. Pair the above polish with the brand's practically indestructible topcoat, and you'll have a professional-looking manicure for a full seven days. Plus, if you add a fresh layer of the topcoat every three to four days after your initial application, you'll get even more mileage.

Or, if you're someone who loves shimmer, we love the unanticipated nature of a shimmering black polish, like ILNP's number called Cursed.

Candy-Apple Red

Red polish is a guaranteed knockout any time of the year, but choosing a super-juicy shade à la the apples we definitely won't be bobbing for this year feels especially apropos for October. We're newly infatuated with Sally Hansen's fast-drying Sour Patch Kids–inspired hue called The Un-Red. Or, if you want gel-like stamina, Off With Her Red! from the brand's Miracle Gel line is another chillingly perfect option. 

Creeping Green

J. Hannah's artistically inspired collection of nail polish is the ultimate antidote for anyone with a flair for the unique and unexpected. The brand's unorthodox shades are surprisingly flattering and wearable, and for October, we're prioritizing Eames (the earthy shade of chartreuse above) and Artichoke (below). 

Pressed Rose

Christian Louboutin's new range couldn't feel more quintessentially fall. Haunting and beautiful, the line offers five new shades of matte red. (The more coats you apply, the bolder and the more matte the finish will be.) We're tempted by all five hues, but Patibaba (above) and Mutimiss (below) are the pink-leaning colors we have our hearts set on. 

Chocolate Fudge

Can we just go on the record and say a rich shade of brown just might be the most underrated nail color on earth, especially when October comes around. It's a middle-ground neutral that's more flattering than most shades of gray but less intimidating than a pure wash of black. The undertones and shade options are endless, so feel free to pick your poison. 

Blue Velvet

Whether you prefer something shimmering and light deflecting (like pressed velvet) or more opaque and rich (like true velvet), enchanting shades of blue feel right on par with October's nose-diving temperatures. We're obsessing equally over these luxe shades from Smith & Cult.  

Sunset Orange

Early sunsets might signal shorter days (which aren't our favorite), but October skies do promise some of the prettiest sunsets of the year. We're excited to emulate fall's dusky orange hues on our nails. From burnt sunsets to electrified oranges, every punchy shade is up for grabs. 

Goldenrod Yellow

Yellow isn't just reserved for fall and summer. An ultrabright shade (one that's opaquely creamy and one boasting high-wattage glimmer) feels equal parts crisp, cheery, and cozy for October. Zoya has an A+ array to choose from. 

Crushed Violet

Sure, we typically think of practically black shades of purple come fall and winter, but there is something elegant and soul warming about sporting a spectrum of violet this time of year instead. Chanel has the prettiest offerings to enhance a variety of skin tones and undertones.

Pink Bubbles

Metallics are one of our favorite trends to dip our nails into once October arrives. Shades of pink and rose gold feel comforting, warm, and in league with our seasonal bubbly of choice.