6 Winter Fashion Items NYC Girls Never Get Sick Of

West Coasters nail beachy vibes, but when it comes to winter style, NYC girls are in charge. With temperatures often dipping into the 10s and a handful of snowstorms blowing in each season, dressing for frigid weather is a required skill. And while they could wear a large down coat and snow boots every day, New Yorkers challenge themselves to stay true to their personal style while also dressing appropriately for the weather.

When it comes to the individual winter pieces that are most important, NYC girls are never short on the basics. Heat tech layers, neutral knits, and other no-brainer classics. However, it's the fashion items we're most curious about. That's right: We're talking about the cool outerwear, sleek boots, and other stylish must-haves that help get you through the winter. Ahead, discover and shop six NYC winter wardrobe basics you'll never get sick of.

Plaid Separates
Plaid Dress



Once winter's cold temperatures set in, it's easy to default to all-black—we get it. But sometimes even a pop of plaid can make you feel less dreary; just look at the checked skirt. Layer sweaters and coats on top and boots.

Statement Sweaters
Rainbow Sweater



For days when there's no time to concoct a unique layering formula, a statement sweater is a great default. Wear with a pair of trousers (or jeans on the weekend), and add in a pair of loafers or boots to finish.

Tall Boots
Slouchy Boots



The only way you can style your midi skirts and dresses come winter is either with tights or with tall boots that go above the hemline. The latter often feels more polished, especially in an office environment.

An Elegant Coat
Leather Trench



No hate to puffers, but by the end of winter, most NYC girls are ready to burn their down coats. Avoid these drastic measures and invest in a beautiful long coat you can slip over your outfit and instantly feel polished in. 

Cool All-Weather Boots
Blazer and Boots



When rain and snow abound, a pair of boots that can withstand the elements and go well with your stylish staples is a game changer. Patent-leather lug-sole boots are a great place to start.

Hands-Free Bags
Crossbody Bag



The colder the weather, the larger the number of layers required, which means slinging a purse over your shoulder is a rather annoying endeavor. Skip the grievances and invest in a crossbody bag that can easily fit over your bulkiest outerwear.