The Items NYC Girls Don't Wear in the Winter

With freezing-cold temps and a commuter lifestyle, NYC girls are experts at dressing for the winter. Yes, they’re regularly hopping between subways, taxis, and walks down the streets of SoHo during extreme weather but still manage to look stylish at all times. So, what are the pieces they wear on repeat, and which fashion items will you never spot them wearing?

To investigate what the fashion set is wearing on the streets of Manhattan now, I took to their Instagram accounts for a glimpse of their outfits—including writers, influencers, and Who What Wear’s very own Nicole Eshaghpour and Lauren Eggertsen. Some pieces, like heels and basic coats, are noticeably absent from their wardrobes while NYC-girl staples like ankle boots and bold prints are in heavy rotation. Scroll down to see some winter style rules all NYC girls follow.