7 Winter Outfits NYC Girls Wear Over and Over Again

We won’t be so bold as to say that New Yorkers are the single authorities on winter style, but they’re highly qualified, if not for their prowess, then for their ability to stick out the chilling temperatures for what seems like eternity (speak to us in April when we’re still wearing Heattech). Because of this, we turn to Big Apple dwellers once again for guidance on how some of the best NYC winter outfits—for today and for a few months from now—are composed.

The below outlines seven outfit approaches that never steer a New Yorker wrong. They feature expertly paired It trends, like puffer coats and blazers, as well as classic staples that are always a good idea, such as a camel peacoat. And with just enough outfits combination to last you for a week, feel free to repeat the combinations below to your heart’s content. Or at least until temperatures begin to rise.

1. Fuzzy Sweaters and Silky Skirts
Sweater and skirt NYC winter outfits



Let's begin with a seasonless staple: silk skirts. In order to keep them in rotation 365 days of the year, New Yorkers enjoy the contrast of sleek skirts and super-fuzzy, cozy sweaters.

2. Camel Coats With Anything and Everything
Camel coat NYC winter outfits



A camel coat is timeless, sophisticated, and chic, and it can even be your sweats' best friend.

3. Statement Toppers With Jeans
Statement coat NYC winter outfits



Your wildest coats don't always have to call for a special occasion. Pair them with your favorite jeans and go! 

4. Mixed Textures in Monochrome
All black NYC winter outfits



It's not always about an eye-catching color that makes an outfit, but rather an intriguing combination of textures, as demonstrated in this all-black look.

5. Maxi Dresses and Tall Boots
Dress and boots NYC winter outfits



Yes, tights come in handy this time of year. But for extra leg coverage, rely on a combination of a long-hem dress and tall-shaft boots.

6. Oversize Meets Oversize
Oversized NYC winter outfits



We New Yorkers know the value of comfortable clothes. This cozy, roomy, we'll-skip-the-cinched-waistline-today outfit is something we can come back to time and time again.

7. Puffers and Blazers, Unite
Puffer jacket NYC winter outfits



How do you stay on your A game at work without suffering through your subway commute? See below.

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