NYC Girls Love These Summer Basics, But the Appeal Is Universal

It goes without saying that what the stylish citizens of NYC wear is the subject of much fascination. I think the reason has to do with the fact that New York gets all four seasons, and the people who live there must dress accordingly. (And of course, there's the fact that it's one of the fashion capitals of the world.) NYC girls need functional clothes that are chic and will keep you cool in the summer, so they're a great resource to look to when you need some fresh new basics yourself and don't know where to start. 

After more than a year of buying enough loungewear to clothe 10 people, I've recently found myself with nothing to wear. I often stare at my closet for a longer time than I care to admit, making a mental list of all of the summer basics that would make getting dressed easier. So instead of just thinking about it, I made a pared-down list of the best basics for summer, with a little help from some of the coolest NYC girls on Instagram. Read on to find out which pieces they all seem to own and to shop my picks for each. 

Chunky Sandals

NYC summer basics



For the most part, NYC girls save the flip-flops for the beach, opting for more substantial sandals for all the walking they do on the often-grimy city streets.

Pretty White Tops

Summers in NYC are quite hot and humid, so the airiest clothes possible are a necessity come July. Accordingly, a pretty white top—or two—is something you'll find in every NYC girl's closet.

Short denim cutoffs have fallen out of favor with NYC girls, who instead opt for polished, longer-length shorts.

Slouchy Blazers

NYC fashion basics



Thanks to AC, you'll probably still need some sort of jacket, even when it's 95° out. A slouchy blazer, especially a linen one, is the perfect chic cover-up.

White Sneakers

NYC style



White sneakers are kind of the only sneakers that matter to NYC girls come summer, as they go with every other summer basic in their closets.

Shorts are great, but NYC girls also prioritize loose, airy trousers in the summer. Khaki ones, while trendy at the moment, are a timeless basic that goes with everything your jeans go with.

Ribbed Tank Tops

I come across so many ribbed tank tops on Instagram this time of year that I'm tempted to buy another one on a daily basis. It just doesn't get more versatile than this.

White Jeans

NYC girls love denim, and once Memorial Day weekend hits, you'll start to see plenty of white jeans in your feed. I love how fresh they look with a white T-shirt.