As a New Yorker, I'll Never Stop Buying These 6 Fashion Items

At 18, I moved to New York City and studied fashion design, as most style-obsessed people do. Over the years, I’ve seen trends come and go—and worn some truly regrettable pieces (honestly, who hasn’t?). From the revival of this ’80s trend to the brief return of low-rise denim, tricky trends are hard to avoid when your backyard is essentially a runway. As you can imagine, after nearly a decade in New York, I’ve accumulated quite the wardrobe.

I’ve become a New Yorker. I like my coffee black, I’m in a constant rush for literally no reason, I can hail a cab with my eyes closed, and my wardrobe consists of a plethora of dark neutrals. Somewhere between 2010 and now, I’ve grown fond of a select few tried-and-true pieces in my closet—the kind of wardrobe staples that are worth investing in because season after season, they’ve withstood the test of time.

There’s a common saying: You aren’t a true New Yorker until you’ve lived here for 10 years. Well, I’d counter this and say you aren’t a true New Yorker until you have a variation of these six fashion items in your wardrobe…

A Timeless Trench 
New York Outfit


Adrienne Faurote 

From the first spring rain to the final winter storm, a trench coat is a season-less classic. Layer with a hoodie or a chunky knit this winter to brace the colder temps.

Polish your look with a belted trench. 

Elevate this basic piece with a plaid print. 

Effortlessly easy—need I say more? 

 A Wool Turtleneck 

Invest in a classic wool turtleneck this season (if you haven’t already). Opt for a slightly oversize knit to layer over your favorite fall dresses or half-tuck into a pair of trousers.

Transition your spring wardrobe into fall by layering this sweater over them.

Structured bags have proven to be an evergreen handbag shape. From super-affordable iterations to investment pieces, the options are limitless.

Move over, white boots—it's all about white bags now.

A Statement-Sleeve Blouse 


Adrienne Faurote 

A not-so-basic basic blouse, if you will. It's the perfect solution when you can't decide what to wear but already have on your favorite trousers and shoes. The silhouette enhances any look.

I am obsessed with this brand. I've worn this blouse maybe 100 times—worth it!

Convinced I now need another mock-neck blouse…

Dramatic puff sleeves will never go out of style—or leave my closet. 

Everything about this is a yes for me. 

High-Rise Straight-Leg Denim

Think denim trousers. Elevate your denim look by opting for high- to mid-rise straight-leg jeans. Pair with booties, sneakers, kitten heels, or flats—this style goes with just about everything you already own.

I've become the ultimate Agolde stan. These jeans confirm clothing can boost your mood. 

A New Yorker's favorite, Khaite is the latest brand we're all obsessing over. From top-to-toe, this look is perfect winter wardrobe inspiration.

A Commuter Loafer 


Jack Erwin

Let's be real, heels are great and a New York staple, but you're not a real New Yorker till you've come to terms with commuter flats. I've relied heavily on loafers to get me from point A to point B while still being in style.

Jack Erwin recently launched women's shoes. Thank you.