I Think I'm Having a Style Regression Because I Suddenly Like These 4 Pieces

The best retro trends fashion people are wearing right now



We all know fashion trends are cyclical, so most trends are bound to repeat themselves. But there are certain trends I swore would never come back and would've been willing to bet good money on that assumption. And boy am I glad I never made that bet because I would be out a lot of money right now based on the fact that I'm suddenly wanting to wear all of said trends again.

To my shock and almost horror, I'm finding myself gravitating heavily toward the trends of my younger years that at one point I was ashamed to admit I ever wore. Maybe I'm having a style regression to the early aughts, but there are four distinct retro trends I'm craving right now. From silk hair scarves to going-out tops, these are the four retro trends I suddenly can't stop thinking about. 


While baguette bags make me nostalgic for Carrie Bradshaw and my favorite Sex and the City episodes, I never thought they would make me actually want to carry them again. But lo and behold, I'm currently carrying a vintage Gucci bag all over town and have my eye on a few others from modern brands like By Far and vintage luxury brands found on The RealReal. They're the perfect size to carry only the essentials and make every outfit I pair mine with feel a bit more elegant. 

This one of those bags you'll buy now and keep forever. 

Mock croc always looks more expensive than it is. 


I've already waxed poetic about my rekindled love for a good old-fashioned going-out top, but to put it simply, they're pieces made for the pure purpose of having fun. During the early aughts, this was the only item of clothing you could possibly think of leaving the house wearing on a Friday night, and now in 2019, it's the item you reach for when you want to put yourself in a good mood. Whether it's a night out with girlfriends or a romantic date-night with your significant other, the going-out top is the piece that you put on and instantly feel ready to have a good time.

How fun are these feathers!?

The perfect partner for high-waisted jeans.


Seeing a silk hair scarf immediately inspires a Destiny's Child–type music video scene in my head, but lately, I'm not only picturing my middle school favorite videos but also tons of 2019 outfits I'd like to pair with it. They give typical outfits like sweaters and jeans a fun twist with the simple addition of a hair accessory and are an easy way to add a pop of color to your outfit. Oh, and you probably already have one hiding in your closet from back in the day, so it's really a win-win. 

It doesn't get more retro than a tie-dye scarf.


At one point, around the time of a little film called Clueless, knee-high sheer socks were a wardrobe staple. Then the trend cycle turned over, and they were never to be heard from again—until now. Recently I've spotted sheer high socks on some of the coolest fashion girls around, which made me seriously rethink my stance on them. Paired with a cool minidress, sheer socks have never looked better.

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