I'm a Former Nordstrom Buyer and Went Trend-Shopping in NYC—I Loved These Items

One of our go-to style experts, Susie Wrightrecently shared the trends she spotted in Europe while on vacation. Well, she also just got back from a work trip in NYC, where she spent a few days shopping for fall trends for herself and to source picks for her clients. Naturally, she was down to share some of the specific items she gravitated toward most for a bit of inspiration. 

The trends she loved most were looks she spotted both in the stores—including Nordstrom, where she worked as a buyer for many years—and on various style-setters on the streets. 

Keep scrolling to check out the fall picks Wright is feeling this season and is also wearing. Below, you'll uncover visual references from Wright, her specific insights on each trend, and shopping recommendations.

1. Slingback Shoes


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"I'm seeing slingbacks everywhere, and I just can't get enough. Pick any heel height and wear them with denim, dresses, or skirts. They're classic but modern, and I'll be adding a pair or two to my own shoe collection."

2. Houndstooth Patterns


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"This season, you'll see a houndstooth pattern on everything from cool dresses to outerwear pieces to handbags. It's trendy and wearable and works easily into any wardrobe."

3. Oversize Blazers


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"While shopping in SoHo, I saw many stylish women wearing slightly oversize blazers over everything! So easy and chic, I'm copying this look for sure."

4. Neutrals


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"The neutral colors that caught my eye recently are the combinations of ivory, black, and camel. Soft, flowy trench coats, blouses, and blazers—all in wearable neutral colors—are a must this fall!"

5. Baseball Hats


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"I saw this trend last fall in NYC, and I thought it was over, but it's not! Everyone is still wearing baseball hats, now with nicer outfits like trousers and oversize blazers. It's practically the uniform in the city, and it gives off a cool, youthful vibe."

6. Metallic Shoes and Accessories


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"You've gotta love metallic gold or silver. It's so much more exciting than a basic neutral! Add a metallic shoe or special handbag to your outfit, and it will update your entire look and give it a little shine."

7. Faux-Leather Items


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"Faux leather or vegan leather is still everywhere, and some newer styles I noticed while shopping in SoHo were dresses like the Paige one and looser pants—love!"

8. Trousers


(Image credit: Susie Wright)

"Every cool girl is substituting denim with relaxed trousers. They look casual and fun with sneakers, pointy-toe shoes, and T-shirts. Or try them with a tank and an oversize shirt for an of-the-moment look!"

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