7 Trends Fashion People in NYC Will Definitely Be Wearing This Fall

Regardless of how you feel about New York City, you can't deny the influence it has on setting the trends. Whenever I attend New York Fashion Week, the outfits I see on the street style set are often things that reach the masses on social media a few months later. Even on my daily commute, I end up being inspired by the people I walk past on the street or subway platform. Since you might want to get ahead on planning your fall wardrobe, I took a look at the standout fall trends my favorite New Yorkers have been wearing. We saw a large variety come down the runways, but only a fraction of that ends up making it to the streets.

I promise I'm not biased when I say the selection below is shockingly good. The big themes to take note of? Edgy details, early-aughts ties, and maxi hemlines. Even if you live nowhere near the city, you can still take them out for a spin. With that, continue to the seven trends that everyone cool in NYC will be sporting this fall.

Maxi Skirts



I've seen maxi hemlines growing exponentially, and the rapid speed isn't stopping at fall. Inspired by the early '90s, the longer hemline will come in sleek and minimal silhouettes. 

For some, ballet flats have been a wardrobe staple that never really left our closets. If you haven't gravitated toward a pair in some time, right now is the time to give the pretty trend a shot.

Oversize Handbags



As I'm a commuter, tiny handbags were really never for me. Now, the opposing style has become ubiquitous. Large bags are on-trend and highly functional, which is what the NYC fashion set is all about.



Maybe it's because many of us are returning to the office, or maybe we're channeling the "business casual in the club" trend of the early 2000s. Either way, there's definitely been an increase in the suited-up look. I'm already planning on stealing one of my dad's ties. 

Second-Skin Boots



I'm still not ready to let my chunky boots go, but sleek sock boots (predominantly in leather) are a refreshing turn for fall. I personally love to see them styled under a midi-length dress or skirt, almost as if they're acting as both tights and shoes.

Puddle Pants

Puddle pants can often be a dangerous game to play in the streets of NYC, but what can I say? I like what I like. (That's where platforms or chunky shoes come in handy.) The relaxed look adds to the effortless vibe NYC fashion people often exude. 

Edgy Details



As a former edgy teen (you can look at my old Tumblr page for proof), I'm more than happy about this trend. I never let go of my heavy leather jackets and chunky boots, so I'll definitely be getting on the nostalgia train this fall.