I Work in Nordstrom Styling—Your 2023 Closet Will Be Chicer With These Items

If you’re looking for wardrobe inspiration as you get your closet ready in the new year, one of our go-to shopping experts is here with intel. Yep, Rose Hayes—a VIP stylist at Nordstrom—has a list of items she thinks will help make any offering all the chicer in 2023. 

With her role as a Nordstrom stylist, she spends her days working with clients to help them lean into their personal styles by suggesting a variety of items. And it’s the pieces coming your way that she loves and has gotten strong responses from her clients recently. How does Hayes sum up the edit? "Think classics, but more modern.”

Keep scrolling to check out chic items to consider this year, complete with visual inspiration from Hayes. 

1. Leather Jacket


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"A truly chic closet should have at least one really great black leather jacket. It instantly adds an edgy-cool vibe." — Hayes

2. Denim Shirt


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"When you need a unique casual top alternative, grab a classic denim shirt. It's extremely versatile and fuss-free." — Hayes

3. Sheer Blouse


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"Having pretty go-to pieces, like this sheer black blouse, are essential building blocks to achieve chic looks. It's perfect to layer under a sheath dress or wear alone with your favorite party pants. Add several statement necklaces for even more glam." — Hayes

4. Knee-High Boots


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"Think you can't pull off a tall knee-high boot? Try it on anyway! This chic staple is all it takes to know why they are hard to find and always selling out." — Hayes

5. Trench Coat


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"Okay, I admit I have a coat fetish. I love a good long coat, but right now, I'm looking at trench coats to add the perfect chic balance to my closet. Naturally, it's a go-to for 9-to-5 looks, but it even has the power to elevate joggers and sneakers on your days off." — Hayes

6. Updated LBD


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"Every chic closet should have a go-to black dress that you know you will feel great in and can throw on at a moment's notice. This dress doesn't have to be solid, but it does need to be highly versatile—something you can pull out for those impromptu events. From dinner to an art show, this dress will take the stress from worrying about what to wear." — Hayes

7. Classy Blazer


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"A great blazer has always been a chic staple, but now blazers are making a huge statement. I always tell my clients, the chicest women have innate style and stick with what works for them rather than chasing the latest trends." — Hayes

8. Silk Scarf and Cashmere Wrap


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"It's amazing how one large accessory can really express your personality. In addition to adding warmth and style, a scarf will effortlessly transform your look." — Hayes

9. Statement Jewelry


(Image credit: Rose Hayes)

"A well-curated, chic closet will most likely have a few good jewelry pieces that were passed down for generations (or at least looks like they've been in the family forever). To achieve the same look, buy fewer but better-quality metals, gems, and diamonds. Just like your fine china, don't let your prettiest pieces sit and collect dust waiting for a special occasion. I always tell my clients to wear and enjoy their good jewelry every day." — Hayes

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Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

Bobby Schuessler is a fashion editor with over a decade of editorial experience covering shopping, style, and beauty. He's spent over seven years at Who What Wear, currently leading the market team to deliver highly covetable and convertible content. He creates data-driven shopping guides featuring top retialers like Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter and is at the forefront of Who What Wear's shopping tentpole strategies, including Amazon Prime Day. He also works on branded content initiatives and appears on camera in video and shopping livestream franchises. He has also worked across a variety of other media brands and fashion retailers like Refinery29, PureWow, Men's Health, and Gilt covering commerce, trend reporting, women's and men's fashion, home, and lifestyle.