I Just Found Every Trend I Need for Summer in Nordstrom's Half-Yearly Sale

One of Nordstrom's biggest sales of the year is happening right now, and we Who What Wear editors are taking full advantage of it. I, for one, am shopping for summery, trend-forward items (in addition to the usual basics I'm always shopping for). And don't you just love it when you find some of the forthcoming season's biggest trends on sale before said season even begins? I certainly do, especially right now since we have a good three long months of summer ahead. That brings us back to the subject of Nordstrom's big Half-Yearly Sale.

I scoured the sale through the lens of summer trends and found seven, in particular, that were most plentiful among the sale offerings. These easy, wearable trends are probably ones that are already on your radar. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite version of each trend while the sale is still on (through June 4, so hurry).



(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Shop Sale Crochet Pieces



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Shop Sale Pink Pieces

All Denim Everything


(Image credit: @aimeesong)

Shop Sale Denim Pieces

Wedge Heels


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Shop Sale Wedge Heels

Maxi Skirts and Dresses


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Shop Sale Maxi Skirts and Dresses



(Image credit: @sasha.mei)

Shop Sale Linen Pieces

Metallic Accessories


(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl

Shop Sale Metallic Accessories

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Allyson Payer
Senior Editor

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