My 58-Year-Old Mom Said These Are the Best Gifts at Nordstrom—I Love Them All

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When I initially asked my mom to help me with this story, she immediately insisted that she's terrible at giving gifts. Spoiler alert­: That's not true. It doesn't matter if it's for herself or others, she happens to be an excellent shopper. Whether she was being bashful or trying to get out of a few hours' work, we'll never know, but as soon as I started probing her for specific ideas, the suggestions came pouring in and the rest is history.

So, today you get to enjoy the fruits of her labor—plus a little of mine. From home finds to loungewear to the best accessories for giving, below you'll find 34 next-level holiday gifts we think your friends, relatives, colleagues, or anyone else would be more-than-happy to receive. And did I mention they're all from Nordstrom? With that, just keep scrolling to get shopping.

All age groups would enjoy this cardigan.

Receiving these would make anyone feel special.

Who doesn't love a Le Creuset anything?

The ultra-low Uggs are our favorites right now.

Sweatpants just feel a lot more polished in a wide leg.

Throw blankets aren't just functional—they're the finishing touch on a room.

Can you imagine opening up a box to find cashmere and not being thrilled?

Because moms are all-too-familiar with having your coffee get cold before you even have a chance to drink it.

Everyone needs this staple hanging in their closet.

These platform boots are not only nice to look at but they'll actually be useful this winter.

For anyone interested in stepping up their cheese board game.

The recipient will love you for this one.

Looking for a group gift? This bag is an excellent option.

You'll be doing whomever you're buying these for a favor.

These beloved cases are game changers for anyone who travels with their jewelry.

It doesn't get better than a pajama set.

Even your home slippers can be chic in this color.

If you don't take my word for how good this cookware set is, trust the 13,000-plus reviews.

These clogs look good with anything from loungewear to jeans.

If you're going to gift a candle, it should look as nice as it smells.

For the woman who needs everything to look luxe (all the way down to their keys).

Gift this to someone who you think deserves a little "me" time.

You can't go wrong with this classic shape.

If they don't already own a pair of classic hoops, then these are a no-brainer gift.