Go Off, Nordstrom: 13 Stunning Shoes That Are Leaving Me Shook

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Nothing brings me joy quite like an afternoon spent scrolling through Nordstrom's never-ending selection of fashion items. I find it so soothing to sort through the retailer's latest arrivals and add the things that stand out to my cart. This is an activity I partake in at least once per week if we're being honest. On my latest visit, I focused my search on our very own Who What Wear line of accessories sold at the retailer, and excuse me for sounding a bit biased, but the fall shoes are so good they're leaving me speechless.

From expensive-looking croc-effect pieces to 2021's answer to cozy house shoes, the fall Nordstrom shoes you're about to see are bubbling up some strong emotions within me. Not only are these styles satisfying to look at on my web browser, but they also ended up being even better in person. That's right, friends—this is a try-on story. Since I know you're curious to see what's making my heart flutter a little extra, I tried on the shoes that are doing just that. Keep scrolling to see how I'm styling each, read my reviews, and then shop them for yourself if you're so inclined. 

1. Ally Sandals

It's 2021, and while I'm definitely leaving the house far more often than I did last year, I'm not giving up my commitment to being as comfortable as possible. Enter the Ally Sandals. The suede pair is lined with the softest faux shearling, which makes them feel downright cloud-like. Normally, I shy away from shoes that resemble slippers when leaving the house, but there's honestly something so expensive looking about them (I think it's the tan suede) that I've taken to wearing them with trousers and knits for a relaxed but elevated vibe.

When I tried these on, I was immediately impressed. The fit is something you just need to experience because it's hard to describe how comfortable they are. I've basically given up on tall heels, so this easy mid-heel height is a welcome addition to my closet, and I appreciate how the animal-print finish really pops against any outfit.

3. Christina Boots

If there's one pair of shoes that is working the hardest in my wardrobe right now, it's these ankle boots. Thanks to the fact that they go with everything, are walkable and are still quite chic, I wear these more days than I don't. Jeans, a sweater, and these boots make up my new go-to fall 'fit.

4. Poppy Flats

Fall 2021 might as well be the season of the loafers—that's how popular they've become. Ironically, the staple shoes are a classic, but our Poppy Flats feel especially fresh in a luxe croc-effect finish. While I think they look great solo, adding a pair of white crew socks has become my favorite way to style them.

Although these come in black, the brown suede is really appealing to me right now.

Shearling shoes are all I want to wear anymore.

If you don't already own a pair of lace-up ankle boots, consider this your sign.

Calling it now: Fuzzy accessories will dominate this winter.

If your style skews simple, these were made for you.

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