The Nordstrom Basics We're Buying to Make Our Closets Stronger This Year

We, the fashion editors here at WWW, often turn to Nordstrom to uncover new products to recommend in various stories. We also routinely shop the retailer to freshen up our personal closets. One category that's always a go-to at Nordstrom is the basics department. There's just consistently an A+ offering of simple pieces that have the power to become true foundational items in our wardrobes. You know, those special finds that could, in theory, make our closets stronger because of their versatile and easy-to-style nature.

If you keep scrolling, you'll uncover the forward basics that a few of us are eyeing at the moment to take our offerings to the next level. As a preview, you'll see everything from staple denim cuts to comfy T-shirts to easy shoe silhouettes. Go on if you're in the mood for a little shopping inspiration.

"I'm always on the lookout for a white tee that I can wear in an ultra-casual way as well as an elevated one, and this one is just that."

"I've been eyeing darker-wash jeans for a while now, trying to find a pair that's just the right wash. Now, I found one. I love that darker-wash jeans are a bit more formal than the light washes that have been popular over the last few years—very French and chic."

"I love that this jacket combines a must-have leather jacket with a trendy bomber. I'm already imagining ways that I could wear it—with jeans and a T-shirt as well as with a dress to make it less formal."

"A more polished wardrobe starts with a great black blazer."

"The fit of these jeans is so good, and I like that they're under $200 when so much designer denim isn't these days."

"You know you're getting quality with Rag & Bone."

"If you've been keeping up with the Who What Wear editors over the past year, then you'd know that most of us are all about the baggy-jeans trend right now. You have to check how how these look from the side and the back, incredibly chic."

"Having this long-sleeve in my closet has been a lifesaver. I think it's time to add another color to my collection."

"Black knee-high boots are a must in every editor's closet, and this pair's thick heel has had me 'hot-girl walking' to every occasion on my calendar with comfort. The fact that I can wear them with anything makes them so worth the investment."

"Every time I see a sweaterdress on the market, I end up convincing myself I don't need one, and then a day comes where all I can think is 'This would've been the perfect day for a sweaterdress.' This one looks ideal for transitional weather."

"I know. I can't believe I don't have a straight-leg pair of jeans in this classic medium wash either. Levi's is always the way to go."

"I've had a pair of chunky Zara boots that I've been wearing for years, and I think it's time to invest in something to replace them. These stompers from Ganni are high on my list."

"This skirt is on sale, and I think it's worth every penny."

"These are understated and elegant. I'd believe you if you told me they were from The Row."

"I live for crossbody bags because they're so functional, and I love how this one's strap wraps around the bottom of the purse."

"This is such a beautiful blazer that looks more expensive than it really is. I love how jackets like this make my basic jeans-and-a-tee looks instantly polished and put-together."

"It's all about the skinny straps for this bodysuit. The minimal vibe feels simultaneously '90s and modern."

"I absolutely love the fit on these. From the baggy, relaxed silhouette to the super-deep color, it's a step up from your typical pair of jeans."

"More menswear-inspired basics—are you shocked? A classic button-down is one of those 'boring' items that often gets overlooked, which is why adding one will ensure you have a well-rounded closet."

"Relaxed trousers are easily the one basic that gets the most airtime in my wardrobe. They're versatile, polished, and comfortable, and this pair checks all those boxes."

"When I say that I wear these almost every day, I mean it. I think every wardrobe would benefit from a pair of tall, structured boots, and these are well worth it with details like a '90s-inspired square toe and walkable heel."

"When it comes to slip skirts, it's always smart to have a rotation for every season since they're so versatile. This pale blue would look dreamy with a gray sweater."

"I'm usually not a flats person, but these square-toe mules from Toteme are calling my name."

Now, shop more elevated basics:

The sheen of satin adds something extra to this classic button-down shirt.

The rise is a bit daring, but at the end of the day, light-wash, wide-leg jeans are always cool.

All the fashion people are doing denim on denim lately.

Because every other shirt is relatively see-through.

The cropped flare is perfect for showing off your shoes.