Here's What to Expect From Tom Ford's New Film

When the name Tom Ford is attached to anything, we can expect some stunning, thoughtful, and totally sleek visuals. After all, look at the man himself. But in the official trailer for Ford’s next directorial project, Nocturnal Animals, we now know to expect something a bit different. Namely, the creeps.

Of course, we can’t expect to assume everything that will unfold in the film from a couple minutes of clips, but what we do see is Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal falling in love and (seemingly traumatically and violently) falling out. And naturally, the entire dramatic series is outfitted in polished, luxe, seductive designs that amplify the mysterious plot, chill-inducing music, and definitely have Ford written all over them. For further proof, just see the 1:06 mark for Adams’s gorgeous green keyhole gown.

Watch below for the full-length heartbeat-quickening trailer, and catch the film when it premieres November 23.


Focus Features

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Focus Features

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