I’ve Been Wearing Running Leggings for 10 Years—These Are the Best

In what will be absolutely no surprise whatsoever, gym wear has seen a boom in the past year. There were reports that the UK could "even face shortages" of sports shoes, trainers and leggings thanks to high demand during the pandemic. Clearly we all became fanatic about working out this past year when it has been one of the only activities we can do. Luckily, as I already run outside, I had my kit ready to go, and I now consider myself something of an expert in what to wear. I've been running for over a decade, and so I've already honed my running gear down to certain pieces and brands that I rate (including one of the best sports bras I've ever worn). Today though, I want to tell you about the best running leggings around—Nike's running leggings for women. 


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To start, they fit incredibly well. Snug but not so tight you can't breathe—they almost feel like a second skin but they never leave indents in your skin so you don't feel uncomfortable after. I've found that the better they fit, my performance improves too. As someone who runs all year round, Nike's sweat-wicking stretch fabric combined with its Dri-FIT technology ensures that when you're running in the cold, you stay surprisingly warm, and when you're running in the heat, you don't feel like you're going to pass out. 

There are other useful features worth mentioning too. Most of Nike's leggings feature pockets and zips so you can store keys and a phone. I don't know about you but I always need to listen to music when I run so being able to stash away my phone safely without a worry of it falling out means that I'm able to concentrate on running and nothing else. Which, is surely the best review you could wish for. Keep scrolling to shop the best Nike running leggings for women. 

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